Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comedians are Haters

It is not hard to notice that comedians convert rage and anger into rants designed to make you laugh. Very few of them are not visibly angry and kind of hostile. The type of people who would be rude and selfish in public.

I'm not even funny, but I see myself lost for things to write other than semi hostile tirades against the character of Californians or who knows what. Why am I so restless?

It may be because I know I am getting older, I'm disappointed in myself on every level, and I have no one right here whose interests I can put above my own. If I see that I am going to become a bitter old man, I'll sign my car over to whoever I think needs it most, take care of a few more items, and go do a swan dive in the Grand Canyon or other fine place.

You think I joke. I do not. Perhaps if I join a commune of some kind I will socialize better and feel less cranky and critical. Maybe not.

At least I have an excuse to try to clean up things a bit since there will be out of towners passing through and I want to put on a good face. Maybe even conduct a tour. We'll see.

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