Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Philosopher General's Warning

Not quite clear whether Sally read this or originated the idea. The conversation was punctuated with much laughter and high tech info. Whatever the case, she is my source for this. I did not think of it on my own, though I wish I had.

The suggestion is a gem: In plainly legible letters, have a banner at the bottom of every news broadcast, at the top of every newspaper---do something aurally equivalent for radio--which states
Warning: This Broadcast May be Fact Free

I'd go further and also include this important message during every political speech or press conference.

That way they can go ahead with the fear mongering report but those who can read might eventually think to themselves, "Hmmm, maybe this is just sensational hype and not even true".

Given the state of edgy panic which has gripped people this 911 season, such a warning could not come too soon. There is reason for concern on many fronts, but I think much of it is misplaced or twisted around.

What entity or abstract thing do I fear the most? Number one would be my own government. 2 is bad health, tied with wildfire.

If I trusted more than feared the government, then I might have terrorism listed. It's just that I tend to think terrorists have become the useful idiots of our own power mad money thieving officials, so it is difficult to have any idea what is true on that subject. Given the treatment good people receive routinely from our own authorities, I'd say your chances of being abused or killed or ruined or robbed by your own government and their agents are much greater than being molested by foreign lunatics.

Doesn't mean I think radical islam is not dangerous murderous lunacy. Just means I think our own lunatics are more likely to get us first.

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  1. In the vein of smoke-free zone signs, DC should have one at all entrances to the city: "Welcome to D.C., America's Number 1 Fact-Free Zone!" :(


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