Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here's An Example of the Racial Absurdity

It would not matter what story this was pulled from because you get the identical thing in issue after non-issue. Here's an excerpt which makes clear that race is considered something of virtue or a curse--not sure--and that we approach everything on that basis. People are bleeding. Hmmm, what percentage of Blacks are bleeding as opposed to Whites? Well, we need to fix that. One easy way is to cut a bunch of the less bloody race to even things out.


Prominent African-Americans like Kenneth Chenault, chairman and CEO of American Express and Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia, quickly applauded the plan. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., has been one of the most vocal advocates for dealing more effectively with black unemployment, but she was enthusiastic.

Maxine makes her living treating race as an element of reason, which is why she is often heard making remarks that only the LSD influenced would find remotely coherent or sane. Apparently, though, her constituency is either heavily drugged or easily bought with little crumbs and promises from a government that will "help" them with pity payments of only enough value to keep them stupid and not self sufficient.

How Blacks and any other group who are labeled as having things like Black leaders, Hispanic leaders, can put up with this stuff without spontaneous, individual eruptions of outrage is beyond me.

We don't hear about or even accept the notion that people like Rahm Emmanuel, or Dick Cheney are White leaders, meaning because the are white they represent the thinking and interests of all whites.

Prominent Crackahs, like Anderson Cooper, Alice Cooper and Bill Gates applauded the plan. Pundit Jon Stewart, who has been one of the most vocal advocates for dealing with Crackah guilt and unemployment was enthusiastic.

So, what is the difference? People have been told over and over that if they called a charlatan, like Jesse Jackson, out for what he is, a money making race pimp, and exposed the insult of confusing race with virtue for what it is, then they must be racists. Unless, of course you are speaking to the white racist groups and people--kkk and that sort of thing. Truth is, the Maxine Waters, Al Sharptons, Congressional Black caucus--all of those are of the same ilk as kkk, organized discrimination--all of it.

They are race based, and seek different treatment based on race. Simple as that.

What do "we" do about Black unemployment? Don't know. What do "we" do about White unemployment? Looks to me that when "we" decide to over control things, especially things we can't control effectively, "we" yield the opposite result that "we" were allegedly after. Interesting how certain people and groups always manage to profit.

Studies show that Whites are more likely to die in yachting accidents than Blacks. Top White leaders are calling on Congress to address this disparity. Self hating Cracka leader and activist Michael Moore responding by saying, "I am not a rich fat white man who makes money with half truths and racial innuendo."

I, myself, have had difficulty convincing the Crackah community that I am not a threat. I'm just a simple Black, Hispanic male who is out to help them in their plight. I'm here to elevate my less fortunate White brethren from their ignorance and misery. Since they all think the same, or they aren't white enough to rate my consideration, I'm sure they are all grateful.

Here's a gem from the piece of work who is Atlanta's mayor:

"If leaders in our community want to push him to lay out a black agenda, I believe that will end up disserving the black community and help elect people who certainly don't have a past history about caring about the interests of the African-American community," Reed said after Obama's speech. "This debate is weakening the president and puts him in a political position where he has to do something to confirm his blackness."


Confirm his "blackness"? I recall some of the racists who call themselves leaders saying he wasn't black enough. I donated shoe polish to help him quiet the criticism. What is this insanity that right and wrong are so relative that it varies from race to race? So, what if everyone is as free as possible to live their stupid lives as they see fit? How does that vary from one ethnicity to the other?

This whole thing of every damned minute matter being filtered through the ethnic filter of political correctness, or whether it fits the stereotype of what self proclaimed leaders consider OK for their specific racial mix, has reached a point of absurdity. The extent to which these things are pushed so useless demagogues can maintain power and prestige has never been more transparent and obvious.

Imagine at the next debate or news conference someone asking Hilary or Rick Perry or Jerry Brown what they are doing to confirm their whiteness.

It may happen. In the mean time, why are so few people of other races not insulted to the point of nausea at this institutionalized pandering and condescending in the media and everywhere else?

yikes, I just discovered first quote is missing the beginning part which makes the point clearer. Oh well. No one would want to touch this anyway.


  1. Have you by any chance been hanging out with Myron Magnet (or else reading his excellent THE DREAM & THE NIGHTMARE)? ;)

    As for "why are so few people of other races not insulted to the point of nausea at this institutionalized pandering and condescending in the media and everywhere else?"...

    The Gramscian Machine has used every possible venue ("schools," TV, movies, billboards, Rock "Music," magazines, etc.) to push their vile stealth Leftism on the masses. This includes the whole PC garbage, whereby people are 1. saturated to believe that it is blasphemy to think (much less speak) anything negative about "helping the underdog," and 2. made to believe that entitlement is man's number one right.

    But even as far back as in the late 50's, a foreign intellectual wrote that in the U.S. there was pitiful little true dissension, that "not rocking the boat" was the First Commandment. (Ever since about the time Deweyism triumphed in the educational system, teaching critical thinking has been jettisoned.) The Gramscians exploited Western civility (virtues like forbearance, courtesy, law-abidingness, etc.) for their own ends. They used "bourgeois" values as a weapon against the bourgeoisie. At the same time, they exalted every type of vile, grotesque and bizarre distortion of reality (= soundness in morals, ethics, social intercourse, art, music, etc.) so as to undermine all that Western Civilization had managed to achieve over a long 2 millennia.

  2. I never knew you commented on this until now, a month later.
    Great information and reasoning. It is true, but so uncool to directly state it.

  3. Haven't read Myron, and am not familiar with him.


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