Friday, September 2, 2011

Stunning Path of Evolution

There are those who regard the concept of evolution with religious-like zeal. The truth is that there is no proof of who we are or how we got here. Some things evolve and some don't.

Whatever the take on all that, the progress of a species, its evolution, is a door that swings both ways. Just take what was, for a short time, the culture and character of the United States. Some things change for the better, yet if you look at the sorts of things going on, it is amply clear that the things which once shone with integrity, intelligence and strength have decayed beond recognition.

Who would have thought that the average body weight of the citizens would be an issue discussed with a straight face and plenty of money ransomed from the fatsoes themselves? Or that there would be big discussions about when the president makes a speech, which is not event related, which conflicts with football broadcasts? Just remember, any time one of those hotshot officials speaks about, or regulates, anything, it is costing you money. Too much and it costs jobs as well.

It is yet another campaign speech. A PR ploy. That is what presidents do now. It is not totally new. I guess the idea of presidents giving speeches about nothing but blame for why things are needlessly difficult got ushered in with the baby boomer group. And the practice has evolved from thinly veiled campaigning to naked opportunism and thinly veiled conditioning for an unashamedly totalitarian state.

But, ever since the Clintons and Obama started claiming they wake up every day thinking how they can make my life better I've been blissfully at peace. Not sure Bush ever made that claim. I'm grateful he didn't.

Truthfully, those who take liberties "for my own good" lose my trust right off the bat. It's like the parent who beats a kid to a pulp, claiming "this hurts me more than you", or that it is being done because the parent cares.

I feel sorry for those who never paid attention when the USSR was running strong, or never knew Cubans first hand as Castro flipped from being a freedom fighter to communist dictator with no mercy. Too bad so many get the self deluded version multi-millionaires who have celebrity and freedom and special treatment spew out of Hollywood. It is easy to like a Castro or Chavez if you are living large in the USA and don't even have to stand in line at the DMV or the airport. Just sport in on your private jet and praise the health care and all that. Don't see them flocking to Havana's hospital when they have life threatening conditions.

Anyway. In the realm of evolving toward the best, most free and life loving creatures we could be, it is as if we took a few steps forward and are now cursing ourselves for that progress. We have people in highly powerful positions behaving like the idiots in cereal commercials. It is bizarre, and I think that is because the evolution street is not one way.

We are doing well if packs of feral dogs or/and herds of sheep represent our ideal society. Or maybe just a big bag of marshmallows.

This is why it is good to have hobbies. Whittling for example. It is fairly rule free, although the knife may need registering, and you should wear eye protection and a helmet, but mostly it is free of all the nonsense which has gripped the world.

I am happiest when I can avoid this stuff altogether. It is hard to do, but probably not as hard for me as some. If you have kids in school you can't escape it. Most jobs can't. Hell, we are edging toward the point when most jobs are government jobs. No running from it in that situation. I'm not too sure many government jobs would be a good fit for me.

Strange that such views are considered radical, and probably dangerous according to Homeland security. Yet, if the majority of people had my views and attitudes back many years in a certain european country, a lot of pain and suffering would have been avoided. It's the ones that go along and cheer the powerful that worry me.

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