Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

What a lovely holiday. Another of those times when people wonder where and how to get drunk and over eat. Boy, am I cynical sometimes.

I guess, since I did not grow up in an area where labor unions were given the same or more mystique, power and worship than the church and all that's holy, I only see how twisted the whole thing became over time, and how totally feudal the mentality. Let us honor the lowly laborers, the serfs, the peasants among us who do the things which make it all go round. To me, such a thing is more an insult than an honor.

I'm all for a little general vacation after a hot summer and all that, but it is another of those crumbs tossed out to the myopic greedy mob. Give them a little feeling of power and make them think it means something. We get their votes, keep them thinking like a herd, and also give them the idea that it would be a betrayal to become something other than one who lives and breathes the world of unions and resentful workers. Either yer with us or you are dead!

Well, someone has to be the iconoclast. It's a house of cards and I believe it will eventually fall down and people will realize that just because they bought into it all their lives and maybe mom and dad did too, that does not make it any more a house of substance.

I will work some of this weekend, and if it were possible I'd work labor day, too. I like to work on labor day. It makes me feel more apart and different from those mobster union bosses I've seen. It makes me feel free, alive, and independent.

Working on labor day is safer than driving and circulating in high traffic situations. I guess a lot of Atlantic coasters will be too busy putting things back together and trying to survive to pay much attention to the picnics and hollow speeches.

Wow. Why am I so cynical and hostile toward the propaganda that has become accepted as fact, and those who promote it? Must be something I ate.

Oh well, you get nutso stuff in all facets of organized business, labor or not. I knew an executive whose boss thought her vocabulary was too sophisticated. Truth is, he was jealous and afraid of her, and wanted to shag her. The place was apparently designed to smash the competent and kill their confidence. So crystal clear from the outside. Labor types who don't worship the idea of labor as a social class can sometimes see these things for what they are.

Manipulation to elevate one's own standing at the expense of others is often a rather sophisticated and clever game. There are those who see life as a game of chess and those who do not. Those who do see people as things to be manipulated and used without conscience. That turns out to be a surprise to the pawns who open their eyes and see what is happening.

In all such cases the real problem is that it is very hard for people not to have something they can believe as truth to hold on to. When that truth turns out to be a lie, who wants to cope with that? Not me. It is what I call having your reality shaken, and I experienced it too many times, and in varying facets of life, not just in the work place. It can be gut wrenching, but I'd rather know the truth of things than be manipulated into a skewed opinion of myself by evil doers.

Yay work tomorrow. Monday, maybe I'll hide in the woods or sell bar bque on the corner without a license. I don't even know for sure what bar b que is. I guess pig, most of the time. But I've heard of bar b que this and that. I almost ran over a wild turkey today. I could have bar b que'd that.

Oh well, beware the obesity crisis. If you eat too much you could affect the balance and spin of the earth, our dear mother.

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