Saturday, September 10, 2011

Theories of Conspiracy

How intriguing that my friends who abhor conspiracy theories, and tend to think much more mainstream than I, have come to the conclusion that the recent blackout is something other than as represented. They may be right.

We've seen the way the utilities commission and SDGE operate, so anything is possible, and skulduggery is probable. But we can rest easy because the same people who control the flow of electricity and all the little rules that go with it are going to conduct a thorough investigation. That's like the justice department checking to see if Johnny Sutton did anything wrong in his many questionable prosecutions. Let's just save the money, or pay some kid to write a comic book on the subject.

The main thing that I hope is being looked into by young engineers and inventors is the clear need to generate power locally, building by building when possible and independently in small areas when not. It makes sense on every level; national security, efficiency, fire safety, health emergencies, and to reduce massive corruption.

Most systems are like that. To a point, the collective approach can be good but then all the undesirable elements multiply. This massive electric grid system is one which is not too good when it comes to security, corruption, efficiency etc.

Considering that the same people who like centralized control of water and power also work against keeping fuels, which run the things, cheap and produced in this country, I'd say it would be good to shake up that power structure. Elect the fringe candidates--whoever Chris Matthews or Brian whatsisname consider outrageous kooks.

Or just find ways to get off the grid without ruining the neighborhood. It turns out that many who had solar panels still had no power. The reason has to do with the fact that they are tied into the grid and sell excess power back to sdge. There is some setup that doesn't let them cut off of it altogether and they aren't set up to store the excess so they ended up without. You are better off just getting off of the system altogether and to hell with selling it back. It is a bureaucratic thing--getting off the grid.

Oh well. People did drive better while the lights were down. Then today they drove crazier than usual to make up for it. Strange place, but better than places where looting or rioting would be guaranteed when power went down like this. The level of civil behavior was actually quite amazing.

The thing about conspiracy theories is that sometimes conspiracies exist. So, for one to surmise that evil doers have conspired in some way is not as out of touch with reality as They would have you believe.

All you need do is look at the world, add up the costs of the last four or five wars, the benefits and, if you can determine them, the objectives. Then see how consistent the declared purpose is in relation to how things have panned out.

If you come up with better explanation than some dark conspiracy, my hat is off to you.

As near as I can tell, the more the hotshots aim to fix, the more mess there is. That's one reason I would rather they stay out of foreign affairs as much as possible. They are in league with witless power mongers worldwide creating havoc instead of just screwing with the homefolk.

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  1. what I find odd...NONE of the European news pages I usually check even hinted about your black out! Normally they report so much non-issue stuff, but such a major black out? nil very odd....


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