Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Going Global

It has been determined by the Ballistic Advisory Department that I should take this blog global, so from now on it will be available to anyone with internet access, unless it is banned in your area. That may come as a shock to some, but I'm always one to take a gamble, live on the edge, and go for the gusto.

The look and feel of the page will probably not change, so you won't be able to tell any difference. We're doing this so those poor starving people, and women confined to their homes wrapped in black sheets can achieve enlightenment and forget their troubles, or, better yet, overcome obstacles put before them by The Man. Being global now, I recognize the fact that The Man may take different shapes in different places. Since we deal in universal truth and principle here, The Man's many disguises will not fool us.

Because the world obviously revolves around the USA, most of my commentary will be local. I know the good people of Zaire will hang on every word. And if I'm lucky some of them will be able to answer questions that plague me.

One such question is what the goal of the mob in NYC is. I've heard conflicting explanations about the purpose and philosophy which is driving this event. It is hard to class it as a protest or a demonstration, judging from things I've heard.

Some reports claim it is a protest against corporate greed, which I hope my friends in Zaire will better define for me. I heard an interview with one woman who claimed it was not a protest against anything but rather a gathering of people showing how things could be; a little slice of Utopia. Another person said it was to bring pressure and shed light on the corrupt dealings between government and the largest or more connected corporations who receive bailouts and otherwise serve to enrich a few at the expense of the public.

There were also people talking something about "the masses" and left wing opposite of the Tea Party. That one was a bit hard to follow, as was the talk comparing it to the "Arab Spring". I do not yet know what direction that Arab thing was going. Judging from some indications it looked like it might go more toward religious state philosophy rather than democratic republics with freedom and justice for all under governments whose rights and powers are stingily doled out by the people. One can only hope. I suspect there has been much glamorization of the Arab activity without a lot of investigation. Not much of the way things run there appeals to me.

Maybe someone on the globe will get global and rap to me about the situation in terms I can comprehend. Whatever is happening with the Wall Street stuff, I hope no one's rights are being violated. Oh, I think they did some traffic interference so maybe that has already happened. There are few instances of union involvement in such matters which do not entail a bit of boundary jumping when it comes to the rights of others. They tend to define the term "rights" differently than I would.

I'll bet there are plenty of kids out there looking to get lucky and succeeding. Great place to meet chicks while projecting an air of intellectual passion and global vision. As we have seen, there is no need to actually define it. Some "hell yeas" mixed with non specific references to Wall Street, corporate greed, and unemployment will do the trick. Got your global vision right here, Baby!

My thinking is that their efforts would be better placed if they were to congregate in front of the Capitol in DC or at the White House. But what do I know? Ok, I do know that lots of people have been duped in a myriad of ways, and many of them are not employed or finding it easy or possible to operate businesses, depending on what it is and who they know. I'm not so sure throwing in with union bosses and chanting on Wall Street will lead to a better direction. But, it is still a semi-free country so have at it.


  1. Ballistic Advisory Department. You mean B.A.D.?

    And Global Vision? Do I need special glasses for that? Are they covered by Medicare? Or do I pick them up at the movie theater?

    Just wondering...

  2. You have to go to an eye accessories boutique. They are very cool looking.

  3. I bet many of the protestors don't even know what they are protesting about....

  4. That Wall Street thing is mayhem. Interesting but still there is no real reason to protest the trading center.


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