Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank You Steve

Despite much overseas production of Apple products, Steve Jobs generated more revenue producing jobs than all the President's men put together. And if all the president's men and those in legislative houses, such as those in California, were not so intent on punishing enterprise, even more domestic jobs would have been produced by Mr. Jobs.

My favorite recording experiences always featured a sound engineer running it all with a MacBook of some kind. I found the transition tough when I went from a desktop HP PC to a Mac Powerbook, but I have had far fewer difficulties over a 3.5 year span with this than I had in most 3 month spans with the PC.

To die at 56 is tough. But to have lived the dream by creating so much, and producing things which allowed so many others to create and live their dreams, seems almost a good trade off. Would I rather live to 100 and never see a vision through, or make a difference in the lives of millions, maybe billions? I'd settle for 56 years given the choice.

Thank you, Steve Jobs for this expensive device which has weathered far more abuse, heat, campsite shenanigans, and heavy handed typing style than one would expect. Rest in peace and I hope your family lives long, well, and happily.

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