Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video Curse Continues

It turns out the video taken of me at the party was not of the cut loose Cmin jam. It was just me trying to play a little blues over a progression a couple of guitars were doing. I think all three of us had a different idea of where it was supposed to go. Besides I sometimes suck at that sort of blues. If there were vocals and all that, then I'd be better--I hope.

My conclusion of this is that the other thing went well. Whenever I really nail it the camera is off. Or, if it is on, then the picture is of the pavement, the port-o-lets, the sky or the bar room floor. Usually, it is off, out of tape, out of memory, or out to lunch. It must be a karma thing of some kind.

The good part is that I expected no recording of this and I made no effort to see that anything got recorded. I've given up on that temporarily.

I think G2, the older guy with the beard and interesting local history was best in show. He did a few songs by himself and he was clearly a cut above. G1 did a good job on the only song I recall him doing. That was all of us playing on that. No two songs. G1 is the most consistent of everyone in all ways.

K aka G1 is the responsible anchor of the mountain and the group, and he has more control over his emotions. He behaves the best on a consistent basis. Puts up with me and C aka G2. And of course he puts up with his lovely wife who I maintain is perfect. Because she is, and I am the kind of guy who always sides with the chick --when I am being smart. I like her voice. It has a very nice quality to it, plus she is one who always has my back. Some women look out for me and I appreciate it more than I let on.

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