Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winter? Again? and etc

Just last week it was about 90 deg one afternoon. Today, I bet it didn't get above 60. Factor in the windchill and I'm sure it showed a "feels like" factor of maybe 59. Time to quit jogging nude.

Ballistic Mountain weather is certainly a puzzling thing. San Diego county, in general, is a puzzling hodge podge of micro climates, all of which are almost ideal if you compare them to other parts of the country. That quickly causes one to be super sensitive to little changes in humidity and temperature. And if it rains, close the schools and hope for the best.

It has been IN THE FIFTIES just after sunset lately. If that doesn't qualify as winter weather, then I don't know what does.

I'm trying like hell not to point out that examining fine print, etc. would reveal that the big O's college loan relief plans only benefit a small fraction of people who owe or will owe. It is smoke and mirrors, so don't let that unabashed bribe buy you off. It is a lie.

The part that does trouble me is the part about claiming it is on behalf of the people that the elected executive of the country is wanting to by-pass the elected legislators of the country as if the separation of powers means nothing, and as if they were not elected by people, just like him.

It sounds very dictatorial. But, I've long noted that people forget what the president's job is supposed to be. It is not to make laws or approve budgets or to run lives. Those who run for that office act as if they are running for supreme ruler, monarch or dictator. It is sad how this snowball of authority has been rolling down the hill gaining momentum and mass for over a hundred years. And how much of the population has helped push it along at higher and higher speed.

Why not just import Castro or Chavez? The talk and attitude are the same. I find it hard to comprehend how people can be so easily duped. It is because they think there is something in it for them; like the fake student loan relief. Those college kids are all over that. Do your homework, Junior, you been had. Again.

I heard I share a birthday with Gumby and Charles Lindbergh. Can't complain. They had a bank robber here called "the Gumby bandit" because he tried to rob a place dressed in a Gumby suit. He failed. Got his hand all tangled in the pocket trying to prove he had a gun.

Just one of many odd bandits. We had the Geezer bandit, who they think was wearing a realistic old man mask, and one called the dandy or suit bandit or something like that because he was super dressed up and daper. We got em out here in SoCal. There are more but I don't keep up very well. Some get caught. Most get caught or screw up and run away.

No way I can really be from this planet. Between the bears' rights, and people like PETA suing Seaworld for slavery, and occupy this and that, and helmet laws, and laff tracks on TV, I must be another species of being from somewhere else.

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