Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slogans to Live By and Ignore

Whatever it was that caught my attention got lost along the way, as my mind drifted off into the contemplation of slogans.  Many of them are propaganda techniques applied for purposes of controlling others.   But there are other slogans, the origin and meaning of which elude me completely.

I've probably mentioned many times the absolute wisdom of , "Never trust  man who doesn't drink".  Absolutely not.  If anyone is doing brain surgery on me, first thing I ask is "You do drink alcohol regularly, don't you?"  "You drink and get drunk like  manly man?"  If not, no way would I allow you to operate.   And I know, of all people, the drunk guy won't try to put the moves on my wife/sister/mother/girlfriend, etc.   Only trust your women to men who drink.

Simple enough. If the man doesn't drink, just don't trust him in any way.

And that is because, "If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem".

Please tell me people know that statement is pure nonsense.

No one wants to be part of the problem.  Imagine the finger pointing and dirty looks from the people doing the talking and defining of the problem.  The person making the statement usually has a way out for you.  Just do what this leader tells you to do.   It may be as simple as buying carbon credits to offset that carbon footprint we used to hear so much about.  Or maybe you need to donate to the outfit that claims it is fighting for a bug-free Africa.

You better do something!!  Otherwise people will think you don't care, and worse, they could blame you for being part of the problem, because you aren't part of the solution.  Lots of things have no real solution at this moment.

For example, they have not cured cancer, or learned to fix spinal injuries of the most debilitating type.   So no one is part of the solution, because it hasn't been solved.  There are people actually doing first hand research,  presumably.  No one else is very close to being part of the solution.  They just aren't.  They are part of the PR which gives them exposure and pushes money around.  It may be that just giving Dr Waldo what is needed for his/her/its research time and materials would do the trick.

But we're too busy fundraising to even see this possibility.  Dr W needs to be pushed and badgered so we can have a flash of glitz to tease the dollars out of the rich people who benefit from throwing money at approved charities.  They even make Dr W attend those little charity events where the money people like to get their pictures taken, and get kudos for being so wonderful.

Every hour thusly spent sets Dr W's research and mental health back 3 months.  This is not getting the problem solved.  Dr W is probably part of the problem---I see no solution.  A guilty verdict in the court of slogan justice is a foregone conclusion.

All because they had to make a panhandler out of Dr Waldo in their efforts to woo donors and be bigger than ever!!  Dr Waldo is not the stuff of a panhandler.  Mental discord ensues.  Cures get pushed even further away.

I don't know if there is a Dr Waldo or not.  It doesn't matter, because whatever the problem Dr W is trying to fix, I don't care.  I am neither  part of that problem nor of the solution.

Some slogans do work out.  But they do not involve messing with other people.   Does me good to remember I have nothing to prove to anyone.  Let others think what they will.   And Don't Give Up.
It's got a negative in it, but it still sounds better than, Always Persevere!
A good slogan to follow.

Expecting all the best for Mr R.  

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  1. Once more I stand in total awe of your insights and ability to write them clearly and entertainingly. You SO deserve a huge audience. Keep it going as long as you can, and I hope more and more people 'discover' what it coming out of this outlet.



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