Monday, January 20, 2014

If You're Smart... probably wouldn't forget to replace the oil filler cap on your car, somewhere back in Arizona, most likely.

If you are like me, then you may not be smart.  The good news is that I discovered it, and it may be possible that I left it off or loose after Arizona.  I keep thinking  I looked at everything when I got back, and was all ready to add oil, but it didn't need any.  I bet I left the cap off because I was so sure the oil would be low that I did everything getting ready to add, before checking the oil level.

Tomorrow I'll find a new cap.  In the mean time I cut a red solo cup to make it short enough.  It needed some custom modifications.  Along with a bunch of duct tape, the cup turned out to be a fine temporary cap.

That sort of thing is not my usual behavior.  I normally double check things like that a lot before closing the hood, or whatever indicates time for obsessive compulsive second guessing is over.  I have to force myself not to over check things. I already know the score, you just did item X.  Don't go back to see if you did item x. You already know.  You locked the door, now go.

I'll bet I was trying to be less double track, but picked a bad time to go on faith.  Got to pay attention.

I wonder if there are generic oil caps at the parts place.

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