Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's The Point of Conspiracy Talk re smokes n junk?

I'm glad you asked.  This is something that applies to smoking, drinking, or any other activity one voluntary does which is known by that person and others to be detrimental.

It is a false rationalization placing the responsibility for your actions onto others.  If you look for it, you'll find a conspiracy of enemies out to make you do any stupid thing you can imagine.  The enemy is largely created and organized in your own mind.  It is fiction.

Obviously no one can make me start smoking again.  If I want to I will, and any other explanation is total garbage.  If I do, it will be because I am not thinking straight.  Most, probably all addictions feed on a person's ability to lie to himself.  Or her/it/they self.

Sometimes people see odd things I write and wonder.  I guess I don't blame them.  Of course I don't.  They took time to notice.  But I play around a bit and rarely feel emotionally all that angry when ranting.  When I get all sappy and sentimental, I'm probably coming from a more heartfelt emotion that I let completely out.  I'm a lover not a fighter.  Wonder if I've forgotten how to do either one?  Probably not...

By not letting life's triggers, which are all part of the conspiracy to make me do what is not what I should do, dictate my behavior, I win.  See?  I beat Them, even if there actually is no Them.
Never mind.

You probably couldn't see the other dimension friends and things, that float all around me, if I introduced you to each and every one by name, and they all tweaked your nose.

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