Saturday, January 18, 2014


Never think people don't find and read your blog.  You may think, "oh [person X] would never make the effort to come read this.  That requires hitting a link somewhere or something."  Oh boy would you be wrong to think that.  Possibly, embarrassingly wrong.

What can you do?  Life's short.  Shorter for some than others, and how do you know?  So what do you do?  Own up.  sort of.  No more than you have to though.  Then again, what's the truth?  What's right, kind, and whatever else principled people dream up to prevent trouble?

I'm not sure.  I only know what I know.

Today was a music day, and some people sounded great.  I almost got a piece of paper because of all the obvious triggers that I used to use to go outside and smoke.  I don't like to sit there for too long so rather than just walk out and enjoy the sun, I used to smoke.  Or if I played well I'd get self conscious and go smoke when I was done.  Or if I played poorly.  Or if blablabla.

I did not want to smoke today.  It was a little freaky witnessing my own reflexes to certain stimuli.  It was the sort of thing you notice when you are changing a behavior.  Especially a behavior that involves reacting to things.

But today started out very well.  By midday, pacific time, I received a boost of the spirits that left me in a great frame of mind all day.

I'm almost in disbelief over how much better my lungs seem to work.

This was such a good day.

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  1. GOOD LUCK with your giving up the smokes! Have never been through that; but from what I've heard and observed, it can be difficult. AND DON'T GIVE UP if you slip up!!! I'm rooting for you.

    CF's mom


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