Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pirate Poet Pauper or King

Of those choices I think pirate or king are most likely the ones which provide the most satisfaction.  I think I know first hand what the other two have to offer.

Most overly sentimental or passionate souls who find no avenue of understanding or sensible means of expression are probably poets.  Just another word for nutcase.  Kings are annoying, in concept, but tend to live well and get all the women they want.  Women like power and wealth, regardless what you may have heard, and kings have both.  Ergo, kings attract mucho wimmins.

No such thing as altruistic love, soulmate, etc.  Mercenary females, idealistic males.  The former do not settle for the latter, and the latter do not land the most desirable of women unless they parlay their idealism into power, fame, and/or wealth.

Even so, I still believe.  I'm an idealist.  Strange thing to be, considering I just spelled out the case against the poet's soul, against soul mates, meant to be, and all that.  Maybe it is a manifestation of my compulsion to lose, to self destruct.

Or maybe it is a result of the sort of knowledge one can't prove, but knows if he's ever glimpsed the face of God.  I guess you'll never know, unless you've been where I've been.  But how would you, or I, know if you have or not?

I guess if we meet in a dream, or our spirits cross paths floating, flying out in a dimension which accommodates such activities, then we'll know what we know, and the question will be put to rest.  If we were to do that, we'd be on to something, and I bet it would be bliss.

But what are the chances of that?  Let's say I find that magic vibration that launches me off into that dimension of dream-like travel beyond time and limit.  Odds seem slim that anything special is going to be there on the same wavelength, ready to find me.  

But out there, or in there--as the case may be, things aren't bound by the same rules, and what seems likely or unlikely here and now, can be different. So we go full circle.

It is good to be how I am, or it is hopeless, but maybe it is good, etc.  The world within or without the world that gets all the press may be the better deal, the bigger deal, and a welcome relief.

If you can unravel this one, kudos to you.  Sometimes you do best when you accept what you can't completely control, and enjoy the seat of your pants flying that is the only option that remains for some of us.   Nothing else ever worked anyway, even back when normal seemed a reasonable possibility.

I will find out, and maybe you will be there, or here, with me.


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