Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rain in Southern California

It doesn't rain much in SoCal,  and this year it has been even dryer than normal.   So, everyone is all excited about the storm scheduled to roll in on Friday.   Of course they worry about flash flooding and, in some places, I guess houses will slide down hills.

I've never understood that aspect of CA living (among many others).  If houses fell off the hill a decade ago in a big rain storm, why wouldn't you put it back in some other way?  Up more in the L.A. area where the beautiful but dumb as a rock cultural icons and political and environmental gurus live they seem to have more incidence of houses sliding downhill repeatedly.
Check it out.  This is a news picture of rain near me.  A file photo they used in proclaiming the "big storm" coming up.   Notice that the second vehicle is about four inches off the bumper of the first?  That is how they drive when it rains, and they actually tend to speed up if possible.  Then they'll wonder why so many accidents and traffic jams result.  I've seen dumber drivers--Memphis---but I've never seen a more bizarre and predictable pattern of behavior.  In areas of sparse precipitation, the road is extra slippery when it does rain.  Should be fun.    The article with the pic makes no note of the pick up truck on that car's butt.  Because it seems normal to hard core locals.  If possible, ride in the back seat of the car ahead.

It will flash flood in my area, but not right where I live.  Just the road below and the one leading to my place.  I often wondered what it would be like if this cabin slipped off the pilings on the north end and slid down the hill.  I think if I avoided the broken glass it would be a fun time.  The aftermath would be dismal, but who worries about consequences?

If I'd ever learned to realistically consider consequences prior to acting I'd most likely be in another state with a beautiful family, or at least a loving, sexy wife who wasn't out to destroy me--mind body and spirit.  Or maybe I'd be dead because I got hit by a speeding, out of control, bus while I was living in bliss, wisely taking consequences into consideration before making significant decisions or giving in to feel-good impulses.

This brings up the question, would I rather have had the thoughtful, full life, with the sexy love machine and good choices, but get killed by a speeding bus ten years or so ago, or would I rather keep living and have the path I took?   Do I even need to answer that?   Given the choice I'd even pay the bus driver just to show there are no hard feelings.

It is wrong, I'm sure, and God will hate me for this, but I am not pleased with my mistakes, or even grateful I lived through those which should have killed me.   I'm not inclined to cultivate this view because it does seem wrong or blasphemous or something.  Who wants to piss off "the man upstairs" and get smote with the jawbone of an ass?   Those things happen, so I hear.

My mother warned me.  I can't say she didn't.  She did not do much in the way of explaining an alternative path to the one she warned against.  But I may not have been listening.

With great luck the big storm will wash us away.  They say it is a set of circumstances, not seen since 1983, which includes favorable tornado conditions.  What a miracle, to disappear in a tornado in the rain in Southern California.  Rarest of rare conditions, and a complete win-win.   The cool thing would be that my place would be blown away or washed away, so no mess left for others.

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