Monday, February 24, 2014

What Surprises Me is that Anyone is Surprised

I'm also curious why none find it strange that those least affected by any of this were so hot to get complicated bills, which they didn't read, and couldn't understand if they had, passed.  No chance their campaigns, crony business pals, and other nefarious items could have been in the mix.

Then there is always the "we have to do something!!!!!!!!" panic attack argument which is highly popular.   Never mind if the action is counter productive, wrong, immoral or abusive; by Godt, action  is being taken!!

Failing that, "you are racist and that is why you notice that Obama is a puppet, a charlatan, often lies, and has  a core view of government far different from what you think is right.   Yep, you're just racist.  Unless you are Black.  In that case if you disagree with this administration you aren't black enough, so you don't count.  And everyone not black who agrees with you is racist.".   No arguing with that logic. And that is the plan.

Unbelievable.  Buy or die?  That is the question.

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