Friday, March 21, 2014

East County under siege?

The reason I didn't take a picture is because I did not want to end up being another in the growing number of people shot, tazed, maimed and murdered by police for no good reason.  They were all dressed up and hell if I was going to be their date to the prom.

As I was driving through Lakeside, on the way to Rancho Santa Fe, I noticed a brand new armored personnel carrier beside me with a sheriff logo on it.  Behind that was some kind of war vehicle, and assault car that looked like a tank with wheels.  It said "POLICE" in gigantic letters.

I know the front one was a personnel carrier because it was loaded with grinning cops all decked out with military style flak jackets and paraphernalia hanging off everywhere, with mean looking rifles and such. The mini tank behind them, being a tank, you couldn't see inside.

unable to find photos of identical vehicles, but close

Unless the sheriff and police plan to declare war on the locals, they really have no need for military assault vehicles and all the ultra special forces gadgets.  Having them causes  certain type of person to want to use them, in the worst way.  That certain type of person pretty much fits the profile of 99% of police people.  This means they will invent excuses and do what police all over the country have been doing--indulge in overkill, which is often fatal, an unnecessarily so.

The typical cop support claim--"these men and women risk it all every time they go to work".  I would say citizens risk their lives every time they allow these Rambo wannabes to go to work.  I don't have the stats but I'm pretty sure more people get dead by cop than cops get dead by civilians.  And I think that holds if you rule out the terminally rowdy and clear undoctored cases of a cop acting in self defense.  They claim a lot of self defense when someone looked lethal, or they were threatened with  wallet, unresponsive deaf people, TV remotes, and the like.

War on drugs, war on "terra", and now I guess the veil has dropped and it is just a war on us.

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