Friday, March 21, 2014

Older I get, The More Authority Worship Makes Me Sick

I have learned to ease up a bit on Facebook, aka The Devil.

Sometimes a friend or two, whom I like, posts some total bullshit from one of their collectivist, statist, bolshevik left wing insanity sites which just sends me over the edge.  I know that to say that the idea that Obama or anyone else should have control over my health wages, etc. is absurd would bring a horde of O-bots down upon me; what about Bush? You must be Bill O'Reilly! Oh you can't handle a black president, eh, racist?  You hate women! know it is true.

So I will put it here.
This is the latest manipulation of statistics and gushing worship of the would be king by would be subjects who have no clue the difference between right, privilege, opportunity or entitlement.

the facebook version also says, "Thank You Obama!"  and "I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is president!"  Barf.  You   must be kidding.  

I could see loving to wake up in the morning and have a job, an erection, a wife, all your limbs, kids, etc., but you love it because some narcissistic puppet is president?  Why?  You are nuts.  You think he wakes up in any way happy for you?  No, he wakes up with the same thought you have, "I'm so glad I'm president.  I can do anything I want,  and fly all over in a big jet and play golf with Tiger.  Hang with Beyonce, do selfies with the Danish chick and go on Letterman whenever I like.

No idea where they get these stats.  As far as consumer confidence, I am  a consumer and I had no confidence in this neo-bolshevik dickhead in Jan 2009 and none now.  
I am not making more money now, but all my expenses have gone up.  I have no more love of this statist narcissist than I did for the bolshevik-lite crowd he replaced.  

They both administered a bailout which managed to redistribute wealth from the taxpaying public to a select group of companies and billionaires.  No one even knows where much of the money went, which they acknowledged at the time.  In that regard, they are transparent--they have no respect for the public--"we'll pass it and then you can see what the law demands of you"

If you think the same outfit that brought you the draft in the 60's, the war on drugs (i.e., war on the 4th amendment), the TSA, lack of protection against force and fraud, declining quality of eduction with more dollars spent, an incredibly high incarceration rate, the NSA and more regulations than anyone can imagine, is the best source for your well being and happiness, then we live in alternate universes.

They won't even protect some people close to the border from foreign invasion.  There are ranchers in AZ who aren't safe in places on their own land because of invading, rude, and violent people trespassing from Mexico, and if they take matters into their own hands, they get fried by this government. 

These authority worshipping zealots seem to believe in nobility, and seek a human to worship.  I am just not made for that and would have been fine with others praying to puppets had they left me alone.  

The healthcare debacle is not an improvement in my case.  It is an intrusion.  I'm not being left to live in peace.  They are the government and they are here to help, ready or not.

Forced dependence is the result for some of us unless we say, No, and throw up our middle finger, which is what I must do, because it is right.  Otherwise I would cost you money, and  I do not want your ill gotten gains and your bullshit intrusion into my affairs.  the end

Then again, I may work the system for all it is worth like most people.  

How many are not either on government contract or government paycheck or subsidy in one form or another?  I'd say a majority are on some form of tax money.   And that is why the snowball just keeps on growing.  

Principles are easily erased with money.  It doesn't take much.  If someone wants to pay you a few hundred for a hammer, what do you care if they took the money from other citizens at gunpoint?  Just doing your f'ing job!

It would be OK, but many individuals are wrongly steamrolled, persecuted, killed, ruined in one way or another, because of the "greater good", "just doing my job", misguided regulation, "oops, wrong address given to the SWAT team", etc.  

When government is God, and people can't resist intruding on the lives of others, limits are not placed and enforced, and it gets out of control like now, and it only gets worse as long as people keep suckering for little perceived gains which pique their greed.  And perceived penalties to others which satiate their envy.

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  1. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."


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