Thursday, March 27, 2014

Somehow I Doubt George Washington, or even Jesus Would Be Down With It

I thought it was some kind of bizarre joke, or maybe a viral rumor.  Something along the lines of gerbil play or the Venus Butterfly.  I was wrong.

It wasn't fiction.  But before I get to that, am I the only one who thinks that many, maybe most, activities which come under the umbrella of "raising awareness" are pure nonsense?   Cancer awareness?  Is there anyone who is unaware of cancer?

So, it is true; there are hundreds of guys taking selfies on instagram or somewhere wearing only a sock. One sock.  They called it cocks in socks I think.  To raise awareness for testicular cancer.  Come on.

It just seems a little off kilter.  Somehow I can't fathom Geronimo or even Leonardo Da Vinci swinging a tubesock to raise awareness.  I could be wrong, I guess.

Oh it is a good cause!!!  Great.  Do socks cure cancer?  These guys just get off on doing the photos and all that.  The "raising awareness" and "good cause" gibberish is feel good bunk.  You want an excuse to indulge exhibitionist desires and pretend it is some selfless act of courage.

I don't care if people do these things.  It is the rubbish they coat it in while trying to promote it to the public and grab attention that I find disingenuous and annoying.  We do so much pretending.

Own up!  You like running around wearing only a sock.  Admit it and go on.

Every now and then the "look at me, I'm saving the world by running across the Baja naked" sort of boast needs to be called out for the weak excuse it is.

If you like running around with a sock tied around your junk, just say so.  Don't pretend you are doing it because you are a martyr saving the nuts of mankind.

File this under WTF.  They say the only constant is change.  I'd say the constant is the rate of increase of change.  It has been accelerating over time.  Zaniness must work on a formula.  Maybe deltaZ=(cT)^3.  T is time and c is the crazy constant, maybe 4.20 or something.   So in a year zaniness will change by 4.20 to the 3rd power.  Or so.

I don't know.  Work it out yourself if you want; don't expect me to be your sock puppet.  However, under the right circumstances with the right person or people, I could be talked into who knows what...

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  1. Thanks for the badly needed reality check. Again.



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