Monday, June 9, 2014

Maybe All Is Fixing Itself

It seems like I've been able to get away with more than usual the past couple of days.  Actually getting work done.  I attribute this to juice which contains everything from kale and broccoli to cabbage and lemon.  Wild and crazy green juice with apples and carrots thrown in so it doesn't taste like liquid alfalfa and avocado leaves.  Don't think I'm unfamiliar with avocado leaves.   Also, I can confidently tell you that they are not very good to smoke.  I attempted to construct an avocado leaf cigar as a yoot.
not an avocado tree. this is a purple flowers tree of some kind

I'm pretty sure that between the super juices--I included some store bought stuff for a couple of days--and my efforts to avoid ill winds in my mind which blow no good, and my belief that I could have imagined all the troubles I thought I experienced, I am probably getting better every day.  It is amazing, but a process.  What if it works?  I will bet that it does.
The Coppercreek group up here on Ballistic Mountain is one of the groups playing a sold out 3 day event at the Rock Canyon winery, also on Ballistic Mountain.  It is about 1 3/4 miles or so further south on a very crude dirt road.  All the roads here are dirt, of course, but the further you go, the narrower and more primitive.  Some delivery drivers won't attempt it in their delivery trucks.  Others seem to like the challenge, and the place.

The event is tied to a local radio station somehow.  People will be camping out and everything.  I think they pay $30 to attend.  Not sure how many is a sellout.  Probably a couple hundred.

We play at 7PM on day 1.  My friends Mocking Bird have 2 in the afternoon that day.  Can't believe we scored a little better.  Oh yea, I'm the harp player for Coppercreek and we're doing 2 songs I wrote. I do most of the singing on the one I like best--The Tropics song.  But others sing on the chorus.   Cliff sings Mr Sleazy.  That one's kind of funny but has a lot of harmonica antics.   We may do the instrumental, Fly Away, which is also mine; a take off on my All I Ever song, just doing instrumental.

Coppercreek is really a vocally oriented group, with some nice harmonies.  I like that because I get to participate in the singing, and just fill some background and accents instrumentally.    I'm not so great at singing, but I like it, and I'm pretty much on key.  I can carry a tune, and I know when I'm messing up.

This will be an interesting event.  I will probably head home about the time I sense the drunks getting obnoxious.  Some people can drink pleasantly, and some cannot.  The latter group would serve themselves and humanity better if they just avoided drinking altogether.

I'm sure there will be a ton of musicians I know, and I hope some other groups ask me to sit in.  I rate the odds at 50/50.
Got the inside scoop on matters at work.  I now see what's up.  Is there ever a company which is free of skullduggery?  Anyway, I'm somewhat removed from all that, but it will affect me come August or September.  We'll see what's what at that time.  For now, all is OK.


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  1. Jacaranda, maybe? (the notanavocado tree)


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