Monday, June 9, 2014

When You Have the Raddest Ride In The World

Well, I have no solid explanation for this--other than:
Maybe it is possible that the big O lived up to his moniker.   Jani Birddog may be a little bummed now that her errant son is back in US hands.  That blows the cover of the "secret negotiations" in which she and her ever generous spouse, Bob, were privy.  
Clearly, however this went down, Jani is enamored with the big O and shows signs of enjoying the experience more than Bob or the big O, himself.  Glad Michele's reaction wasn't recorded.  You think the flirtatious selfies with the Danish chick at Mandela's memorial made her blood boil.  I'd say this Jani Birddog affair could result in actual physical attack.  Bob's a bit ashamed at how he allowed this.  he wasn't supposed to like it.  He just wanted Bowe Birddog back stateside.

Old guys tend to see Jani as kind of hot.  I think it's Air Force One that did the trick.  That ride is a wel-known babe magnet.  Geez, look at her.  She appears to have just concluded a tryst moments before the photo was taken, and I'd say that come hither, Mr. President, look indicates she's ready to do it again.

Don't be mad at me.  I just point out what I see.  No wonder Bob went so far off the deep end.  He cares about his son, and is trying to deny the fact that Jani seems more concerned with the big O, however you choose to slice it.


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