Monday, June 2, 2014

Where Were You In 2011, and Why

The people's psych ward, known as California, wants to know how the heck I made a living in 2011.  If I was curious about that, I would be asking the same thing.  I'm pretty sure I had to use savings and goodwill to survive.  Heckfiknow.

"We know you did blablabla with XYZ credit union."  Really?  I'm trying to recall.  I'm terrible at keeping track of matters mandated by governments.  Why is that?

I think it is because I find their methods, behavior, and language so distasteful that I cannot bring myself to get close to it and work with it.  To me, doing anything with the state is like washing a skunk.  That is why I am always so stunned and baffled to realize that most of my fellow Americans, including hyphenated Americans, can't seem to get enough of that skunk washing in their daily lives.  Many of them are being paid by governments in some way, so they love to see their agencies grow, and their power increase.  I won't impugn their moral compasses, though  am tempted at times.

At other times I think I am wrong; get what you can, while you can, regardless of how it is obtained, as long as it is legal.   Many of our laws are deigned to relieve us of the burden of having a conscience.  And certainly many of those enforcing the laws embrace this abdication of responsibility whole heartedly;  just doing my job, for the greater good, etc.

There certainly are a number of things I would not willingly fund: all the wars since 1945, and even some prior to that most likely, all foreign aid, the irs and several other agencies, Moonbeam's bullet train to the end of the rainbow, insurance and pensions for elected officials, public service ads promoting food stamps and exercise, etc., etc.

So, if millions of people think this stuff is cool, who are you to say they are wrong?   After all, there is a CONSENSUS!!!   How dare me.

You know why George Orwell would hate to be living now?   None of his scenarios, and none of the language in his books would seem odd.  His novels would read like a boring day in America and no one would buy them.  They'd have no pop.  Good thing for him he got in just before his imaginary world became real.

I'm a little freaked out.   I read somewhere that Ben Carson used the phrase that I recently used harping on the fact that people "go along to get along", and it queers the deal for everyone.   He didn't say queer the deal, I did.  Just to get an eyebrow raised.  It has zero to do with sex, gender, or whatever to do with identity and all that.  You can screw a light socket and call your self a wattasexual.  Don't care.  Have a f'ing parade.  I STILL do not care.  Find yourself a low voltage one, and you may never go back, black not withstanding.  Just saying.   120 volt may cure all your complaints permanently.  Sorry,  may have wandered.

The simple fact is,  the over reaching, heavy handed bossiness and cruelty of the state will only cease when people quit supporting it.  That won't happen.  The vast majority lack the courage, humility, integrity, and insight to risk such a moral stance.  Myself included, I suppose.  Too bad.  We're doomed to another couple hundred years of feudal-like existence.


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