Saturday, May 31, 2014

Maybe a Bad News, Good News Day

It was no fun waking up at 5:16 and then sixish trying to ignore the bizarre itchy burning weirdo skin rebellion.  I thought of a better illustration.  It is kind of like a bug zapper in the midst of a swarm of gnats.  I'm the zapper and ..whatever.

So it is quite clear that even if one was once lucky enough to have a veterinarian as his primary care physician, the luck continues even after the animal doctor retires.  The Coronado doctor, hereafter known as Dr. Coronado, runs a first class ship.  It must be due to whatever my friend said to him that they have been so attentive to my case.

They had the lab order all ready for me by 9 AM this morning.  I walked across the street to get 7 tests done.  The lab, due to Dr Coronado telling them to give me the best break charged very little.  I'm afraid if I give the figure here, some bureaucrat will catch it and decide it violates something and they need to raid my cottage or attack Dr Coronado with tasers.  

The doctor's office, Nurse Becky had obtained an estimate on thursday, so I knew the ballpark figure.  But Dr C added a test at the last minute, so we figured it would be up some.  They charged me less than the original estimate, and these were the most beautiful technicians in town.   mean that in an avuncular sense--they looked to be about 12 years old.  Very competent, and no valley talk, uptalk, or vocal fry.

What is so amazing is that nurse Becky has relayed information to Dr Coronado, who is out of town, on vacation, and he has faxed or whatever to authorize lab tests.  I expressed reluctance to do anything to bother him while he was away but she said he wants to know.  No wonder there is a plaque in the lobby from a local magazine citing him as on the list of San Diego's best doctors.  So far I guess he is.

It is amazing how quickly tests were ordered.  The clinic wanted me to make another appointment just to discuss tests or question the referral by the physician's assistant.  The Coronado connection saved me an estimated three appointments and three or four weeks time.

Becky confirmed that she heard the Valley chick stonewalling on the phone yesterday before I handed the phone over so they could talk. Then the valley chick all of a sudden can get stuff out asap.
OK You had to read the other story to know.

So, I'll know all but one of the tests Monday, I guess.  If there's any prob they'll call, I'm guessing.

The bad news is waking up with an attack trying to come on.  I tricked it for awhile even though I was freaked out at the prospect of a shower.  I read that one guy sometimes forces the thing with hot hot water, and then it all dissipates.   So, that's what I did and it worked.  But by midday it kept trying to come on again.  I was at my friend's in Pt L, and finally had to take a bit of prednisone.  It is just under the surface, a delicate veil between It and me.

That indicates the problem is gaining momentum, intensifying or proliferating.  It used to be every couple of days there would be trouble, especially in connection with water or sweating.  Now everything is a trigger.

So, here's my plan;  hope for the best

No I will continue to hone the coping skills and expect to find ways to get my work done.  As it is or has been the last couple of days, 10 minutes outside doing things is about it because it will begin to flare up.  I will work it out.

Nurse Becky said these tests weren't the entire arsenal but they were what he's thinking may reveal if it is caused by ice water in my veins or other likely culprit, and that he has a plan B and C should this not tell the tale.  In the mean time I'm being limited by a dermis in rebellion.

Somehow I think this is life telling me to be grateful for what I have here and now.  I can complain that kayaking or paddle boarding is out of the question, but how active was I when it wasn't?  Not very.  Especially not very aquatically active.  Also, I fully realize any people would love to be in my insanely itchy, burny shoes.  Or think they would.  They have real issues working on them.

So, empathy, and knowing that I do not know all that others feel or endure.  Best video to circulate in awhile was the one where the guy gets a pair of glasses that captions everyone he looks at.  All these people were annoying him, then he sees that this one lost a loved one, this one was having parenting issues, this kid was dying for positive adult attention, etc.  It was OK.  You never know what works.


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