Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wearing Down

Whatever "this" is, it is not working very well.  I'm at a point of finding it hard to care.  Not much new there I guess.  But I know that is wrong.  Life is supposed to have drive and a hard core survival instinct.  Oh well, things get warped.  Otherwise we wouldn't be pretending it makes sense for people to loot stores as a reaction to a thug getting shot, while ignoring the stats on who shoots whom and all that.

And we wouldn't have the mess we have over in the mid east.   Seriously, whose notion is it that you can reason with people who will kill over cartoons, who are fascinated with dismemberment and brutalizing others to the point that they dream up excuses to stick women in the ground up their shoulder or waist, then stone them to death to please their mentally ill deity?

I'll give them one thing, they do seem passionate in their insanity.  I'm not feeling the passion too much.

Things are just that way.  I thought maybe I was healed because I had some great days of being able to move around, and sweat without dire consequences.  Then I had a couple of days which weren't so free.  I'm discovering that lots of people are constantly dealing with issues which curse their daily activities.  I'm not sure I'd find it worth doing.  I'd just quit because survival merely for its own sake hold no appeal for me.

Maybe I should go get some sun.  Just eating vitamin D appears ineffectual. I wonder why, and how that works.  Straight sunlight feels right.  It is something I can like, even if without real passion or zeal.

All the Robin Williams speculation made me angry.  People should shut up when they are clueless.  People do not check themselves out because of the stock market or movie roles, etc.  It is because it seems the thing to do at the time.  Rightly or wrongly, sometimes you see no where else to go.  If you've never been there, forget understanding.

Typical news people find ways to report suicide that somehow glamorize and promote it, while pretending the opposite.  The government's sales force, and the sales force for everything chaotic inhumane and self destructive.

Jesse is on the march.  Charlatan field day in Missouri.  It is interesting how one iffy shooting is always picked out as fuel for racial hatred.  Of all the murders of people by police and others, odd that so many really bizarre unquestionable attacks on innocence are ignored.

Of course the best way to make peace is to block traffic, loot and vandalize things.  And do a lot of screaming and yelling, and making up facts and stories.

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