Monday, October 13, 2014

Amazes me that people actually ask me to play

Despite the rest of the shambles that passes for my life, I end up playing music with some people I find extraordinary.

This group with Sande Lollis is shaping into something quite unique and I like the music.  It is rare that I like anyone else's creative efforts as well as my own.  I guess in the realm of ideas and inventions I eventually learned that a lot of good things are not my idea, so just go for the good stuff and don't fret because I didn't create it.

I think I used to feel like a slacker if I didn't generate the idea.  Foolish lad.  But I've covered my lack of sense, judgement, timing, awareness, etc. enough.

We have easily 2 hours, plus some, of her songs, many of which are new to me.  We played about an hour's worth a time or two.  The new stuff is every bit as appealing to me.  I love the lyrics, and the feel, and the fact that I'm able to play with a violin without the sounds conflicting.  It is an art and not one generally required of most blues harp players.

I'm proud and flattered that the company I am in sought me out.  And I very much like them as people.  What else would I like them as?  They are good friends like K and L.  Except I am enough in love with her songs that were she not married I might confuse the object of my affection. And that would be disaster, so this is the way it is supposed to be.

So, the OCT 25th show will be good.  I hope lots of people see it.  We're playing a tavern which is not very crowded at night.  And I am pimping the gig and threatening all my facebook "friends" and others with eternal damnation if they don't show.  The appeal of this project falls in the intangible realm.  I can't say exactly what it is, but there is something special here.  I think so anyway.

So, from now on, I will be cleaning up stuff, working, and doing the musical things. And then maybe I'll vanish.  For now what is important is meeting obligations and being of some use or encouragement to others.

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