Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Must Be Sleep Writing

I glanced at previous post and find I do not want to read it.  Can't believe I wrote it.  When things are extra tough I talk gibberish, and off any real topic of import to me.  Because the things of most concern are too troubling to discuss.  That is because I have no sense of where reality is until I have ignored it once too often.  I do not like most laws and government entities, and I think they are wrong, and what they do is wrong.  But to think you don't need to observe their power and such is idiotic, even if they are evil, dimwitted creeps.

One day I will learn, and perhaps that day has come.  Let's hope this knowledge will not come with too high a price.  Time will tell.

All should be going great.  I have a friend that posted a story on FB about how great everything is under Obama---as if he is king.  He is not king and master of the realm, therefore not all powerful and responsible for all that goes on.  Also my life and expenses, the price of gas and groceries, have not been easier to manage.  I try to avoid taking the bait because I don't think anyone or anything ought to have the power people like my friend thinks makes sense.  It is the collectivist and statist view as opposed to the freedom loving individual's view.   Authoritarians.

They say we'll be bullied if we don't pay for government protection.  And I say we are paying to be bullied.  There you have that.

People my age are supposed to be much more worthwhile.  No kids, no family that I built, not much of anything.  I owe life, the world, my ancestors, relatives and myself a big apology.  Doesn't mean we'll get that apology though.

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