Thursday, October 30, 2014

They Still Call

So, I emailed people, and mentioned on facebook that my phone was not working, so best to email me, and what happens?   They text and leave voice mail.

My phone has somewhat come back to life; enough to know I have texts or voice mail, but not enough to get at these things.

I think it may be a conspiracy, and they are all in on it.  Well, they can send me a letter if it is important.   Or maybe I'll give up and see if I get a replacement phone.
I want to go back to a time when one or two misguided moves, undone, would have changed my life.

Just a moment in time.

Can't do it.  All I can do is play some music with those who play stuff that I'm capable of enhancing, or whatever I do.  I should have been a physicist, or a pilot.  Believe me, most of the science world is so wrapped in very undeveloped, dysfunctional egos that possibilities are delayed decades as a matter of course.  And those ego bound creeps feel power in marrying up with the political world.

They get to be treated as mystics, seeing things mere mortals wouldn't understand, and politicians then pretend that they "have to DO something"  based upon the science and opinions of *gasp, bow, scrape*  SCIENTISTS!!  "Scientists say..."   Only those who really are, or think they are,  incapable of ever learning any hard science or math really buy that priestly facade that many science types cultivate.  It is highly annoying.  Always has been, even since grade school.

It is the stuff of population control, culture shaping for power of the few.  Seriously, the whole pretense and self serving atmosphere surrounding "science" has become nauseating.  The part I find most troubling is that for every dire prediction regarding earth, ice, food, etc, the assumed solution is more governmental oversight and control; less individual choice, autonomy and mobility.  They go for your money and your ability to travel easily and freely.

Have people really checked out the greedy bastards they so willing bestow with such power?   Probably not, because people enjoy seeing others harassed, believing they are exempt.

Somehow this all relates to my phone which fell in the swimming pool at work.

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