Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rice and Phoning it In

It all started because I thought I could do a little work.   But yesterday was one of those days when the whole attack issue raised its wily head as I sweated out of proportion to the exertion.

So, I tried to extend my time getting stuff done before it became too much and I had to find heavy sedative or scalding shower.  I've actually bumped up the water heater temperature there because this is a regular deal.

I was taking off the outer shirt, and my phone fell, and battery came out. The rest slid into the pool.  I just peeled off the rest of everything and jumped in to get it.  I worried about modesty later at some point.   Fortunately no landscapers or delivery people or housekeepers were there so no worry.  Not sure it would have made any difference.

Then I hear that putting the phone in a ziplock bag full of rice for a day will help it come back to life. I had set it in the sun, rag-dried it, used a blow dryer, etc.  Nothing.  After a long night in the rice, it at least appears to turn on, but it is still wacko.

The phone has been acting up for awhile.  I think they owe me one anyway--I suckered for all kinds of dumb person phone insurance when I bought it.   I rarely do that sort of thing, but I know I am not easy on things like phones and watches.  That is why I wear no watch and didn't for much of my life, even back in the other century before they built the "Bridge to the 21st Century".

Believe it or not, the only jewelry type item I very much miss wearing is a wedding ring.  I wonder if I'm ever going to be the right one and have sense enough to know I landed in the right place.  Doubtful, and that sucks.  What offbeat chick wants a vegetarian who doesn't drink and is domestically challenged when it comes to making a good home?  Or even keeping the stupid clutter at bay?  I would scrub the floor every day under the right motivation I think.  But I also hate to argue but I require a lot of education in many ways.  It's tricky, and possibly worth it to the next Ms X

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