Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Trap of False Dichotomy

Us vs Them.  That formula is a money maker, and those in power know it.  Al Sharpton knows it. Anyone who capitalizes on victimhood knows it.

Police departments have come to operate that way, and have for more years than I've been alive. They almost have to.

So, when you have events like the Ferguson fiasco, it is easy to get people all worked up and choosing a side, even though they know nothing of the facts, or very little.

We learned that facts don't matter from our own President.  He's weighed in on events thousands of miles from his crib, while the investigations were barely getting started, with almost no information at all.

It didn't matter, his non-existent son, whom he forbids from playing football, looks just like Trayvon, and his other son looks like Michael Brown.   But don't despair, Obama has said he doesn't like bullies, so all bases are covered.  He likes Rahmbo though, so go figure. I'm referring to the Chicago mayor and one time White House big shot.

All bases covered.  Big O dislikes bullies, but likes bullies after they get themselves shot.

So, anyone who ever set foot in "da hood" for even a minute knows damn well that racism and bullying rule the streets.  Just be white and wander around Memphis and find yourself in the wrong neighborhood.

Easy to do, because it isn't like one side of the street is all nice and pretty and reserved for white privilege, while the other is trashed and regularly shelled by police and white privileged arms enthusiasts.  But they don't know that because Al and Jesse say otherwise and it feels good to be self righteously enraged.

You can be black and wander the streets pretty much unmolested if you aren't an obvious violent jerk.  Even then you usually get your way. But we are to pretend otherwise.  I'm shocked that people actually believe their own denial to that extent.

For whatever reason, the least egregious shootings get national attention, and the only part that matters is race.  In Trayvon's case they had to invent a race--white hispanic, even though Zimmo was also part black.

By the way, what is being pushed as black culture is nothing but ignorant redneck culture.   Same as the early riffraff portion of England and europe who landed on our shores prior to the Revolution.  We had total amoral morons then, too.  We just didn't celebrate it so much like now.

Alright, what this leads to is people who are more than happy to ply their bullying and property trashing skills in the name of race and victimhood.  Al Sharpton's useful idiots--and I feel I've over-rated them by calling them idiots---pretty much hold communities hostage during these controversies
They try to blackmail their way into influencing court decisions and all else.  "Do it our way or we trash the place.".

It's become so ridiculous that mobs impeding the travel of innocent people, blocking traffic and harassing people going to work, are called "peaceful protestors" because they didn't shoot anyone.  Blocking traffic is not peaceful.

Maybe my little girl has really got to go and if you got out of the road she'd make it in time.  Maybe I'm about to die and need to get to the hospital.  You are not peaceful, and I have no idea at this point what it is your are protesting.  You probably just like the party and the chance to loot or get on TV.  Dicklets.

Then you have the police who think the public exists by permission, not right, due to the nature of the screwy laws, and the methods they've developed for enforcement.  "Sting" operations are mostly entrapment and total BS.  No knock search and seizure operations are nothing but pure government bullying and tyranny.

I've seen plenty enough of the smirky punk cop.   I understand there is some need, but I thank God I have no son, because if I did and he became a cop, I'd be highly upset.  Or daughter.  I know that is possibly wrong of me, but so far that is my view.

People want to take absolute sides here.  Oh the police are such selfless givers, risking their lives blablabla.  It is a job and they chose it; for reasons upon which I won't speculate. And they get a by every time they do harm legally because they are "just doing their job".    Nothing I love more than a lethal machine with no conscience, just the will to obey orders to screw with people.

And they have to deal with punks, on top of enforce laws that a truly moral person would refuse to enforce.  And in ways no one with any empathy would do.

It comes down to the laws and how they are enforced.  Also the limits put upon citizens as far as defending themselves and their property.  Had that store owner tased that bully, Mike Brown, or shot him in the leg with a .22, he'd be in jail.  Yet, I think it would have been OK.

I would be careful just overdoing the police monitoring thing.  Or believing they are the sole culprits in these high profile nutjob cases. I'm skeptical about this body cam routine.  And at the same time I am not buying the bit about blacks being victims here.  The facts and statistics do not support that.

The biggest epidemic of violence is black on everyone violence.  I know it and so do you.  But we must pretend, to avoid being called racist or who knows what.

Knock half the laws off the books.  Revamp the whole setup which encourages prosecutors to lie, cheat and steal to further their careers by ruining people.  Quit pretending that violent punks are disgruntled youth "with something to say".

Look for the corruption in government which has to be protecting gangs, or they wouldn't be thriving.  Again, abolishing a lot of laws would ruin their commerce.

And forget the whole hate crimes routine.  That is only paraded out when it is a crime (sometimes not even a crime, but self defense) by white people. It is hardly done otherwise even when race is an obvious factor.  But we're supposed to pretend, again.

How many violent crimes are not hateful?  Who cares about the why of it.  Or the race.  Hit me with a hammer and I am pretty sure your view of my race or sexual preference will have no influence on how it feels to me. That is the dumbest thing ever.

I've heard guilty white people try to make sense of the hate crime thing, but I sensed they were covering up their own racist inner being.  I really felt that.  Those who have the least respect for people due to race often make the biggest nonsensical overtures.  Another bit of human nature that Al Sharpton is a master at exploiting.

You know, maybe Al is a genius of sorts.  He's terrible with the english language and he's a major league creep and criminal, but damned if he hasn't got his finger on the pulse of guilty white people. Especially the kind who are secretly racist in ultra liberal circles; those people who fawn over any black person that happens to cross their social circles.

I hope he takes them all to the cleaners.  Snobby phony bastards.

And for God's sake let's hope the next attorney general is not a rabid racist power grabbing liar like Eric Holder.  He has had quite a hand in escalating racial tension and hatred, and promoting violence. People get killed.  Black people get killed, and their shops get burned or looted.

He does not care about them.  The divide is a way that some people further their power and wealth.  Ask Al and Jesse.

So, skip all the above.  The message is that the police suck and the looters and agitators masquerading as protestors are scum, not victims.
the end

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