Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Be Fooled, The Man Hates The Poor!!

Here's how the insurance thing works, at least in CA.   They have a program for people who pull in less than 17k per year.  Yippee!!! Free stuff!!

Yea, right.  You have no choices, and you have to do that routine of going in and then you have to have a referral, etc., as if you don't know when your eye falls out that you need an eye doctor.  I hate the whole HMO concept.  I am old enough to remember life prior to all that.

OK, so if you make more than 17,235.00, then for a little over 100 bucks per month you can get insurance that lets you decide when to go where, and more people take it.  Real doctors.

I've been doing pay as I go but will likely incur big expense so I am letting you pay for it.  Thanks.  The thing is, had I decided I'm poorer than 17k per year, the free route would still be looking for an allergy while I bleed out internally and clot up and die die die, you poverty stricken fool!

Alright, I got carried away.  Seriously though.  It is easily the difference between life and death while the poor person is caught in red tape and dimwittery. And the semi-poor person has a fighting chance at getting to the problem.

Once again, people think they are being looked after by their lovely government, and charlatans and shills like Obama, et al, when in reality they've been duped and offered a fake bribe for the votes.

So, those who think the whole trouble with life is the entitlement programs and that those people are living large on welfare and free stuff, be not alarmed.  Many of those poor suckers may die off in the system if they have bone cancer or confusing ailments causing internal oddity.

So, smart poor people lie about their income so they can pay a little and have some choices.  You spend more than that in cigarettes, if you smoke.   I don't smoke any more, so I can afford this.  And right now I am hoping it will work out OK.

But it is really bizarre how the whole thing is arranged.  I find it hard to believe the euopean systems are better. Maybe you get something, but they have wait times that could land you six feet under.  Unless you choose cremation, which is my preference.  But I better be really dead or I'll really go on a rant.

Oh, and had I not had some interaction with the lovely L a few years ago, I'd not have known how to best handle this.  I originally just dealt with the insurance lady at the po folk clinic, and she would have steered me into being legal, as far as pursuing some insurance, but she was leading me the wrong way.  Good thing I called L.

So don't be so sure all the navigators and helpers they promote know anything, or that they won't unintentionally kill you.

I tell you, these overly paternalistic and maternalistic government types do not love you.  They hate you and will smile maternally while you perish.  And they'll pat themselves on the back and feel good thinking they did you a favor.  Collectivists are impossible when it comes to reasoning and respecting your natural rights and liberty.  Very pushy/.  Buy or die insurance.



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