Sunday, January 4, 2015

Oh Good, No One Pays Attention

For a minute there I thought my rants about The Man, the Big Pretense involving all things governmental and cultural, etc., would have me in trouble.  I don't fear other nationalities and races like most of the ultra PC people do.  PC is how they hide their inner ugliness which is their total lack of respect for others.

They think various races and cultures are too stupid not to be redneck thugs, or that those others are too lame not to bully, burn, loot, etc. every time Al says there has been a mishap of some kind.  Everyone knows it is nonsense, yet they just can't admit it publicly.  They use the implicit view of these groups idiocies to pretend to help them and they use them to bolster their own wealth and power.

I got off because no one is paying attention to the boring things I write on the topic anyway, especially if it is a rambling disjointed monologue.   All I know is that I got a haircut and I feel better for it.

The insurance bit is still a worry.  It is really odd how the whole thing works, or doesn't.   This is why you don't screw up when you are younger.  Just do what's in front of you and forget grandiosity and all the garbage you hear from every direction.  It is mostly nonsense and believing it is a sure way to misery.

Sadly, I've concluded that people are by and large herd animals, and fools.  They laugh at inventors, yet  revere actors like Sean Penn or Barack Obama.

I talked to a 20 year old kid who had no idea that higher math was actually a functional tool, and that it is how things get engineered and built, how space travel is planned, etc.  He must have thought it was just there so people could act smart and victimize people like him.

This may be a little tangent but it touches upon why I would never push a voter registration drive.  It is like asking my 20 year old acquaintance his view of a structural equation; "Will the bridge hold the weight?".

 Voter drives are asking illiterate people who don't have the wherewithal to read, or pay attention to current affairs, to then weigh in as if their opinion is informed.

Sometimes the pushy voter registration chicks are hot and you can get lucky.  Let's ask them if they know who is VP, and who we fought in the War for Independence.  So why do they think this is great, to register otherwise uninterested people, and people to dumb to handle it themselves?

You do a voter drive to get a bunch of people to vote your way. Those who pretend otherwise are either stupid or lying.  Why would you push the uninformed to vote if you didn't think they'd vote your way?

The bait usually relates to how they can get special treatment in some way from government.  Another of my reasons for believing highly limiting governmental power is best.

Otherwise people use tax money to buy the votes of morons.  I won't say anyone has it down to an art form (democrats), or that playing on ignorance in a way that lets people pretend to be informed and outraged isn't often a tactic (republicans).

I have to say, it is only republicans--not many--that I've ever heard seriously question the whole irs motif, and the FED.   The only consistent effort toward freedom the dems offer is abortion.

Why they eschew most other individuals liberties, I do not know.  Someone might point to marriage, but I'd say the government has no business in the matrimony business so let's just remove them.  I think it is idiotic to redefine the word rather than just find a separate word for same sex unions.  So many of the factors, due to nature, life, survival of the species, evolution, and more put a strong definition on the male - female dynamic.

Due to various advances in technology, no more need to be concerned that we aren't reproducing rapidly enough, and probably unknown factors as well, have changed what is considered acceptable.   Homosexuality was real bad for population growth back when that was a desirable occurrence, so of course it was knocked off the plate of stuff people could spend time doing.

Back then life spans were about ten minutes, and for the species to survive, we had to multiply, so gay pride parades would have threatened to queer the whole human survival deal.   Get while the getting is good, and get something that has a chance of causing a baby to happen.

Other than the obnoxious people whose entire hobby and existence is based upon being gay and letting you know it every few seconds, there is little reason to give a damn about it.

Allowing gay to become a new victim group, and a political statement is a mistake.  For one thing, all that assumes a rather powerful dictatorial government.  Fools on both sides of the non-issue, once again.   You can say you don't like engineers or hockey players, but you cannot say, "You know, I don't like very many gay people.  Most of them annoy me."

You just can't say stuff like that.  That makes you homophobic. Bullshit!!!!  It makes you a person with likes and dislikes, and opinions.  You are not shooting them, you just don't like them.  It's dandy, if you are in the 'hood and non-white to say you hate white people.  That's because white limousine liberals hate white people too.  If they think they are representative of white people, I don't blame them.

None of these things matter until they are pushed by force.  That is what government is and does, and the problem resides in that; what groups of people can force other people to do or not do at legal gunpoint.

Saying these things puts one at risk of being grossly misinterpreted.  That makes my point about why I am not one who thinks I want to encourage adults, who never thought about voting, to vote.  Especially ones who are drunk and angry all the time, or just incurably stupid.

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