Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Unsolitary Man

It is amazing how much of an isolationist I am, yet that is not my first choice, were I capable of making choices differently than I have.

I enjoy playing songs with people.  I like it when there is a singer, and worthy lyrics.  That is why I like the group I've been working with.  Mostly we are backing the singer/song writer, Sande.  And her stuff is good enough that I am willing to put my stuff on the back burner, without resentment or hesitation.

The best thing is that performing can suspend ailments for a time.  Maybe not a long time, but a time. Then again, maybe for a long time.  Do not know until the time comes.

I think I know how it is all working out.  Worst comes to worst I'll hire deaf mutes to overhaul my house and life.  They have to be illiterate as well, but intuitively good workers.  That way they won't be able to talk and sully my good name.

I'm hoping someone turns up with a video from this weekend at Crest Community Center.  Maybe because the house was packed the acoustics were better.  It was beautiful, powerful, balanced sound.  And we probably played part of the time at a new level. I am sure a few minutes were our best of all time.  An evolving project.  We are getting tighter, and more settled in ways.

If I discover a video, I hope it is good because it was fun.  If it is good I will put it up.  The last one can only be seen on FB by friends of the posting person.   Or so I understand.

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