Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What This Pig Needs

...is more grease.  Grease that baby up!  If it stays where it is, squirming like that, it'll be tomorrow's breakfast bacon.  Or maybe next week's.

No question the creature has the moves, but I just don't think she's able to slip through the gauntlet without serious injury, eventually giving up.

We shall see.

Mark my words---three words, maybe four: Po ca hon tas.

Don't say I didn't warn you.  Misfits, run for your lives!!


  1. Verbi here: Nothing like a whole post of cryptic text. {shrugs} Maybe you could mark ones like this with a giant "M" beforehand to indicate it's a monologue. ;)

    At least we know you're neither Muslim or Jewish in your beliefs. {cackle}

    Or maybe I'm just a misfit at getting arcane parables?

    BTW, the "them" in your little note about comments, does this refer to the people or the comments? Google being as left as it is, it could be either...

  2. The comments, I think.
    This was written just after the eX Sec, of State first gave a press conference to spin yarns about her conduct. That is all the hint you get, for cryin' out loud! I appreciate your efforts to read my coded soliloquies.


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