Sunday, March 1, 2015

By the Way, I Doubt N. Korea Was the Sony Hacker

I had to see for myself what the video hooplah was this time.  Last time an embassy was attacked and they blamed a video which was like a bad SNL skit.   This time Sony gets hacked, private emails get exposed,  and Hollywood people get caught being the snakes and nincompoops they apparently are.  And then they get all indignant, as if they don't know their industry is petty and cutthroat.

Where else do people that dim think they are the intellectual elite?  It is almost embarrassing.

The film, The Interview, actually had possibilities and could have been a good film.  Or at least better.  The humor falls off into the shallowest, dumbest of all possibilities.  Dumber than I would have guessed, for sure.

They start off fine, with Eminem giving an interview where the guy cites lyrics and searches for meaning.  Em deadpans that it is because he is gay.  That is the highlight of the movie.

In any case, it is highly unlikely that N. Korea even took notice.  It is just too silly and stupid, and it just doesn't seem the sort of thing to catch anyone's attention.

I do not know who, if anyone, hacked Sony.  I do know that without this free advertising, and curiosity seekers like me, the project would probably have been 86'd, and would never have seen the light of day.

They had to know that somewhere along the way, early on, the writers and directors just gave up trying to hold to even a shred of quality.  They just gave up and phoned it in.  One or more in the bunch must be the type of people who can't come up with real humor so they stick to boner and fart gags.

Haha.  This is so funny and clever. Hahaha. Boner.

No. Not the stuff of international espionage.  I would wager large sums that the North Korea scenario is as big a lie as the one about the muslim video.  Maybe bigger.  Never happened.  Why the lie?

No telling.  You'd be surprised how connected to government and power some in Hollywood are.

In summary, The Interview sucks.

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