Sunday, March 1, 2015

Seriously, Can Humanity Survive the Nonsense?

Research is not my favorite thing, but I will do what I must to become informed when I see the need. I've done it with things like the healthcare bill, back when everyone was talking "what it will do", but avoiding actually disclosing the text.  It is very convoluted and continually refers to other bills and leaves much up to bureaucratic discretion.  

In reality, no one outside of a few crafting the text of the bill could have had a clue what was in it.  Other than the extraneous things they added in according to donors desires and all that.  But that was then, and I made it known I felt it was more a bizarre vote ploy and power grab.  But like always, people like to think they are getting what they want and are more than happy to dance to the ends-justifies-the-means tune.

Rarely are the ends a long term bargain.

I have done more medical investigation than usual, lately.   It can work for or against you.  I've heard people act like someone who searches his own diseases is in for trouble.  If you aren't more in tune with what could be the problem with you, given some information on symptoms and what they indicate, then you deserve to be treated like a subservient subject by medical people and nurses who think in big valley-speak cartoon bubbles.

This is a quote from a page I visited,
 "In honor of Rare Disease Day, help spread the word with a photo.‎"

Really?  Rare disease day?  Come on.  This whole disjointed view of medicine, charity, science, life, has gone too far.  Let's celebrate rare disease day!!  Are you nuts?

There are plenty of diseases I don't have which are about as rare as what I may have. But what if none of the above is the case?  Then it would be even rarer.  I've lived in towns in which, according to these stats, I'd be the only one with whatever it is.  

For a few days I thought I was OK.  Or could easily become OK.  Then, after last night's gig, at home, weird, supernatural, demon possession stuff began.  Big red areas, like instant birthmarks, and dots like blood vessels or maybe got stabbed by a fork, looking dots.  Blackish, reddish.

Today, no patches and the dots all but completely gone.   Then I wonder.  What if it is a crazy episode and you only think you see it?  That prompted me to take pictures of my arm the last time it happened.  Hard to get a very good pic but it shows up some.  What if I just think it does?

Not hard to wonder if you are nuts when you already suspect as much.

I do not think the survival of the species, or even the pursuit of happiness are best served by having Rare Disease Day, or a jump in icewater to cure disease, or any of a million odd celebrations of sickness that are held all over the place, mostly by the unafflicted.  It is an industry built upon partial truths and much fear--the patients' and their families' fear.

There is a lot of money to be made and much trouble from lawsuits can happen. So, you play ball, cover yourself by filling files with enough tests to thwart a tort attorney, and if you are very lucky, someone's issue may actually be pinpointed and properly treated during the process.

That is the exception, not the rule.  The rule is that there are drugs which can make you feel OK while your true problem is never really well diagnosed.  Trouble shooting is normally weak.  But drugs can mask that.  We handle symptom A with drug X, and symptom B with drug Y, and then there are drugs to deal with the side effects of X and Y. 

Those things happen.  Drugs can be a bribe to pretend everyone is doing a great job and hallelujah, you're healed, sort of.  Some are great.  

Maybe a Rare Pharmaceutical Drug Day would be cool.  I don't even know how to express how strange that seems to me.  Rare Disease Day.  You think maybe some of us are from other planets, far away, and we just don't remember how we landed here, but we know it was a mistake?

Let's have a national, boy oh boy does my upper belly hurt day.  Or rare migraine headache day.  Everyone march, slamming pots and pans together to bring on the celebrated condition. 

I'll bet all my trouble is because I am not a carnivore.  It is not a thing I can easily fix.  I do not find it a natural desire on my part, eating a creature that motors around one way or another.  It would be easier if I did find it natural.  It must be.  


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