Friday, March 13, 2015

Just a Personal Pet Peeve

Pet peeve.  Right, like I'm going to be responsible for feeding and caring for a peeve; take it for walks, send it to school to learn to shut up and not be a nuisance, etc.

That being said, I find it highly annoying when comedy and variety shows invite politicians on for fun, phony, self serving banter.  The government holds the power over broadcasters so they have to kiss ass.  Obama wants on the show, OK.  Makes them feel safe with fcc and all that, while the pres gets to push his party and campaign for whatever bs he's peddling today.

Same goes for all of them. Huckabee, you name it.  Stay off of regular programs.  If it isn't designed for the thug, bully, political class, then the thug bullies ought to stay off the show.  Who is going to refuse and want the wrath of the IRS or whatever to come bother them?  It is extorted publicity in a way.

It is also cronyism.  They've been doing it for awhile with increasing regularity and boldness.  Such bull.  But it works.  Dolts and dumbasses, who have that inborn affinity for royalty will watch and say, "See?  They're just regular people like us.  Just a little smarter and better dressed. But he wakes up every day asking himself, 'How can I make the lives of the wretched little people better today'.  Yep, he's got my vote."

I do not like authority any more now than I did when I was a kid.  Less than I did then, actually.  They told me my views would change the opposite direction.  In some ways, though, I have more empathy and less judgement.  I judge philosophy and ideas more than make judgements on  personal matters that have no effect on me.

Maybe they aren't dumbasses.  Maybe they just either hate people or they enjoy the dynamics of cults of personality so much that they will suspend disbelief and adherence to reality as much as it takes to keep the king in place and looking good.  Make excuses, don't demand accountability.  Hating the "haters" can become addictive so  it is important to create events to bring out the battle.  I think people just do not grasp the idea that being owned is not how it ought to be.

They are perfectly willing to put the state on the title in exchange for some financial perks and 3rd world quality medical care.  Sometimes better.  But if you are 100% on the state's dime, the insurance is like playing Russian Roulette.  Primary care then referrals then bs.
Some people do OK and some probably give up or fall through the cracks.

If I'd had that sort of thing, I bet I'd have given up on them.  

Anyway, be careful because you have no idea what is at play with strangers, and often, with friends.  Ever look around while driving on the freeway and hope those people are not feeling as wiped out and restless as you are?   I do.  I think "this is no fun.  Feeling low."  Then I think "satay awake and alert so you can get home.  You can do this."  Fighting the sudden wave of sleepy exhaustion.  Almost dozed at stop lights and even driving.

Cannot let that happen.  I don't care who you are, if you sleep drive you are screwed.  Few things are more guaranteed to queer the deal.

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