Thursday, March 12, 2015

Strangest Band Ever; that is a good thing

So, we have this group fronted by a woman old enough to be some people's mother.  And some people would be already out of the casa.
And we have a fiddle player of the same age who has intermittent kidney stone issues, then we have me who is even older, and I'm probably dying of some soap opera disease. They always find cool deadly stuff.
The drummer is losing the grip of his hand sometimes, hence plenty of sticks nearby in case he drops one out of the blue.  Bass player is younger and non committal.

A very unlikely bunch.  But the sound is beginning to shape into what we've been after.  And it actually does kick ass, and we actually are developing a following.  I am playing a far different style of harmonica than ever before.  I'm not sure I've heard exactly this anywhere, any time.

Some compliments are interesting.  There are those people who say they hear extra voices when we play, and some of those attribute this to an angel phenomenon of some kind.  Makes sense since one or two of us have a foot in the grave.

Another musician around town complained, good naturedly, that Sande had snagged the best musicians for her group, and how did she pull that off.  I'll tell you.  She has hours of great original music, she is pure energy and we all have fun.  Maybe it is keeping me and the drummer from keeling over in our misguided mortality.  This is the sort of thing I do best; blend and work with other instruments.  That is my pick when there is room.

There are times that the sound gives me chills.  Quite unique and remarkable.  Distinctive and original and it is working.   Capturing it, and learning to make it gel all the time, is not easy, but we are getting to it.

It still amazes me that people ask me to be a part of such projects.  I suppose I do have something to offer, to those who can see it, or allow it. You just can't play with everyone.  Or not do it and feel like it works.

But unlike a lot of people around, we don't put on airs and pretend to be younger,  or do that "Oh gosh, aren't we old. "Look at those spunky seniors jamming in slo mo".  Whoever started this seniors talk is evil.  Ever here those patronizing news stories in news person voices?  Barf city.  "Are our seniors getting the care they deserve?"  Gimme a break.

It seems to interest a wide range of ages.  Other than that I refuse to do age or gender studies.  I will not that this seems to get the attention of women and that is good.

If I can stay afloat and not queer the deal, this project could take off.  I want to drive a tour bus and have adventures.  Not likely to happen, but, we have two house of blues gigs, so maybe it is possible. Sande is the new thing.  Baby boomers are a large chunk of population and they will dig this stuff.  Maybe they can get on to something new and quit with the same Neil Young songs over and over, and pining for the old days, that sort of thing.

I'm always astounded to see the group who gave parents such a bad time, and who screwed the country up when they could, complain about the lack of discipline and common sense among younger generations.   It boggles the mind.  The generation that set the bar for bratty, phony and hypocritical.  What nerve to start in on, "When I was a kid, blablabla..."

Thirty somethings are clueless when it comes to how wealth got created in this country, and the dangers of too much official power, etc., but at living life, and doing it well, they may be the best of all.  Less fickle than my peers.  And they seem to enjoy life. The know how to do that in ways I do not.

They were still able to get outside some since there was no internet in their early childhood, and the culture was a tad less paranoid.  People forget or don't know that violent crimes and threats to children are probably lower now that twenty or thirty years ago.  Yet we in effect imprison our youth as if keeping people safe in a cage is kinder and better than letting them risk the hazards of the free range, so to speak.

You want your damned egg producing chickens to be free range and not dosed with antibiotics and hormones, but your kids are monitored 24/7 and dosed with whatever satisfies the school and shuts the little urchin up.  Ritalin, cocaine, whatever.  Why do people puch for happy chickens but only "safe" children.  Overly safe is a complete drag for anyone and not the nature of life, living, passion or motivation.

Of course if you watch the news, listen to Obama type sound bites or crazy ass preacher-politicians long enough, you think you are crazy if you question all the garbage.  I'm telling you, the status quo is what is totally off base, insane, and destructive.

Political figures in our age try to have that same mystique a priest might have.  They are priests with a gun to your head.  People do not stand up to this stuff because they are afraid, insecure, unsure, and suckers for itty bitty bribes in the form of free government things and unearned power over others.

Anyway, this group is not so typical of baby boomers or anyone else except people who can live without the approval of all the pop culture conformity police.


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