Thursday, March 12, 2015

The 2:00 A.M. Call

2:00AM seems to be a recurring theme in a couple of Sande songs.  Apparently that is when she gets the call that something is amiss; friend arrested or dead, etc.

So, I was slated for a bit of time off from medico land.  Then I get a call today.  Dracula wants to schedule an appointment sooner by six weeks almost, to discuss the latest imaging and lab results.  That kind of sounds like the 2:00 A.M. call.  Probably not going to say "yippee, it was a hookworm all along and we can fix it in a jiffy!"

Well if it is for one test, then that means a mutated gene. The other, well, I don't know.  That could be a real pain because the cure is possibly not very helpful.  I'm not sure if I have to still wait a week or two because that is as soon as he is available or he's out of town or what.

So, let's do our best to avoid letting the imagination run amok between now and the 25th.  Not the ides of March.  E tu Bucco?   I believe best case would be the mutant thing.  The other would be highly bone marrow specific, and uglier, so far as I know.

It may yet be a year of blowing through remainder of savings and getting the hang gliding or ultra lite action going.   I really want to be a proficient parasail person--easier to transport.

Eeeyikes.  What if I have to deal with the psycho lady who holds the information desk and any information contained there hostage?  She was trouble.

Maybe I'll end up running a harmonica therapy program for mopey ass doomed people dealing with the same general nature of malady.  Of course mine is rarer, since I am picky.

Now I get what most people go through.  I have had it so easy in many ways.  And I should.  I'm not cut out for pointless hardship.  Believe it or not some people are. They seek it.  And they play martyr on a mission while they do that.

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  1. You are picky, Juan. I am of the belief that you may be so picky that there is no mutant anything that will fit your specific parameters. "False positives" are such a drain - Truly, it is diffcult to decide if a false positive is a double negative, maybe a split infinitive, or running with that tangent- an atomic isotope.

    Keep us in the loop (nucleus).


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