Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Never Trust Someone You Don't

Or, if you do, make sure that person is trustworthy.
I was told to tell the guy I brought in to help at work that breakdowns in communication are why he needs to back out and we'll let you know when we need something. I told him that but said in my mind it is a breakdown in respect.
Probably no point in rehashing it a bunch here.

I'm just amazed that someone could refuse to listen, do work you specifically said did not need doing, on and on, and then act surprised "if you felt disrespected".  It makes you think you are crazy.

It should be clearing up.  I just always worry that crazy people will do sneaky vendetta stuff.   The trick is to make them think you are crazier than they are, but do it subtly. It is an art and I have yet to master it, although I have had a few good moments in the practice a various times in my life.  When you can have your wits about you, and timing just right, it is one of those adrenaline rushes of focus.

The work I am going to have to fix.  Whoa.

At least I think I am going to be able to do it.  That is an improvement over the last few months.  It is all up and down and in cycles.  I guess I'm less depressed but not without great effort.

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