Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Clunker? With 200K + on miles, these things happen

So every time I'd accelerate from a stop I'd feel a bunch of annoying clunking coming from under the floor of my trusty ride.  Right between the driver and passenger seats.  Sort of.

Being Subaru it has a rear drive shaft. That means U joints, etc.  That is what I think is clunking. It got way worse over a short time.  By the time I arrived home I had to really baby the acceleration to avoid that clunking.

Ah, but I discovered a trick!  The all wheel drive must be run by electricity in some way.  There is an empty fuse slot in the fuse box under the hood.  It says FWD.  We think it means front wheel drive.

Put a fuse there and now the rear drive train is out of the picture and the car is just front wheel drive.  Until you do this you have no idea how much the all wheel drive kicks in and prevents slippage and such on these dirt roads.

So, I am ok for a short while but looks like big bucks more than likely.

I am glad there is at least a temporary measure.  It is hotter than I like; in the 90's.  And I wonder if I will ever quit being so lonely.  At least I have some friends and people expect me to play music.  But I do get tired of alone-ness.  Now that I think I won't die in the next year or two, I am less likely to avoid people.  My misguided sense of nobility or chivalry usually causes me to run away for fear of screwing up someone's life.  Forget that.

I am now officially done protecting others from entering my world.  There are worse places and I think the whole premise is dumb anyway.

Not pleased to have car issues, but not really surprised, considering all the miles and all the uphill dirt roads.  Things wear out.  The fuse trick was found on a forum.  It is not a well known move.

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