Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hey Man, Stay away from the brown acid, and the red and blue koolaid

Seriously, I find the level of thought when it comes to the organization and administration of civilized society to be surprisingly low and of poor quality.   Not much you can do.  People are not about to abandon their careening band wagons.

I have observed something, though.  An emerging pattern.

It used to be that any mention of Pelosi or Reid in less than glowing terms would yield comments like, "Oh yea?  What about Bush and Cheney.  And Rumsfeld.  Eh?"

Mention anything near and dear to the progressive heart in any way short of worship and you get the above result.  I forgot to mention that "lol" would be used as either prefix or suffix.

That used to be the standard fare.  "Hey, Michele tends to insult and be a bit racist."  "Oh yea?  What about Bush?  And Cheney.  And Rumsfeld?  lol".

But gues who is the new Bush?  Darn, you guessed!!   Hillary!!!

Now you see things like "I don't Trump; he's power hungry"  "Oh yea?  What about Hillary Clinton? Huh?"  The lol is used less by this crowd, however use of lol is optional and not discouraged.

I still think they put Hillary out there so the other koolaid crowd would wear themselves out, effectively expending all their energy so that Pocahontas can come in and mop the floor with them.  Forgot her name for a second.  Elizabeth Warren.  Hillary is the new Bush so Warren can be the new O.

I may be wrong.  They may be mesmerizing and deceiving even me.  If you only knew the reality of this life.  I don't know what you'd do if you knew what I know.  Probably nothing.

Or maybe shout, Oh yea?  What about Hillary, 'n 'em?"

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