Friday, August 28, 2015

#1 panderer and demagogue ever

Maybe not ever.  Maybe Steve Cohen is just very adept at following the tradition of pond scum pandering, agitating politicians.

For some reason I am on his email list.  He's a democrat out of Memphis and since he can't run on the "I'm Black, therefore you have to vote for me or be a racist and traitor to your people" platform, (which most Black politicians do in Shelby County--even against others of their race),  runs on the "I'm not Black, but I'm connected and would stop at nothing to buy your vote by any means no matter how low, dishonest, etc."  "I have pull and will rain federal dollars on the 'hood and even pretend that this majority Black city, run by Blacks, is racist and you are all victims forever.

He is unbelievable.  I cannot believe the people in the 'hood would vote for him. He's a snakey, sneaky, slimy creep.

Check him out.  If you are a progressive even, and honest with yourself after reading his stuff and checking him out, you, too, will want to vomit and hide your sister.
the end

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