Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Maybe it will work out.

So, we are playing for some amount of hours on Halloween, and the next day, and the day after that.  Dia de los dead people.   Big celebration in Old Town, and a bunch of local people who play what works there, get paid decently to play.  I can use the money, and any time spent away from myself, alone, is good.  It is good to be working in some way and also around people.  Or any goal oriented activity I guess.  Even parasailing.  That may be good.

Another time.  Oh yea, we play an hour at Kaffe Meister.  You know, with a Kraut name like that you'd think, "Coffee?  What these Krauts be knowing about no coffee?"

You cannot fool me, I know those were your exact inner words.  Well, I will tell you what these steenkeeng diesel smelling German's got going; Kaffe Meister is the best espresso in town; and related drinks.

Believe me, I was miffed to find out the place refused to be like the coffee house version of Hogan's Heroes.  I was hoping.

Did I mention we played an acoustic set and did an interview on some local radio?  Very nice facilities but I doubt anyone listens.  Maybe the educational world. I don't know.  I listen to an affiliate in the same building.  Whatever.  This new bass player, the young guy, is really making it better.  He may not have been playing long but he makes us better at this point in time.

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