Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

...the defense, the prosecution, and everyone else, rests.

So, that was that. I cannot believe how often I have been tapped for that.  I cannot imagine any prosecutor who would be eager to have me on a jury.  It depends upon the case, so I don't think my preconceived notions hold a tremendous amount of credible weight.

I did end up having my name called for a case upstairs. We all gathered there, and waited.  A couple of times one official or another would pop up out of thin air to explain something in a spiraling fashion, if you can picture such a thing.   That is referring to the words.  Similar to talking in circles.

It is clear that I need this work.  This activity.   Who would have thought I would get a jump start from you knowwho Mr. rhymes with resident.

Really?  Would this be a bit of irony?   I actually have more reverence for the process, the office, the country, I guess, than I realized.

At any rate, it may have put things in such a light that it all works well for my benefit, as well as my coworker.

It is not a cure all but it can help keep the blues almost at arm's length.  The whole visit scenario, keeping a lid on it, etc., was the most fun I have had in a long time; one little issue or question after another.  If you had encountered the people I did, all feds of one kind or another, you would probably have to rethink any negative stereotypes you might have of those people.

I think I enjoy the company of very smart, resourceful, and respectful people.   I don't know if anyone but Clinton ever realized that running for president is like auditioning for a part that lasts forever.  And once you hit the stage, you are never again out of the theater.  I think Clinton didn't tire of acting as quickly as some did.

Politics was never implied or stated one way or the other.  All about need-to-know, privacy and protection.  These are the people you would want on your side in just about any situation.   So that is good to know.  I am not weighing in on scandals, etc.  Just giving today's observations.  There must be far more remarkable people between 25 and 40 than there are remarkable journalists of any age.

They present a lunatic brainwashed future, if you pay much attention to most news sources.  I think they will overdo some of the "let's be Denmark" attitude, but they will be alright, if the don't lose their heads...

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