Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cherry Koolaid, I Guess

Some of my favorite relatives are the most koolaid drinking statists I know.  That is tough.  I wonder how bright people can really think that governmental operations and constructs are the most altruistic and moral and just avenues for the betterment and welfare of the human race.

It's about as reasonable as leaving your keys in the car with a wad of money on the seat, in the middle of a mall parking lot, in Memphis, and expecting it to be there when you come back to your car tomorrow.  Just doesn't work out.

Why is there so much corruption connected with governments?  Because the corrupt do their best to convince you you need government involved in every facet of life. They build the institution. That's why.  They hate the limits a good constitution places on the state.  They do their best, successfully it appears, to convince people that rights are really privileges granted by the authority of the state.

But my relatives are right in their on the cutting edge of progressive nonsense.  Mostly out of disdain for republicans and all that, I think.  They pretty much believe the second hand reports of what alleged right wingers say and do. Much of that info is false.  Just like the conservative pundits can be spouting propaganda as well.  I just find the progressive efforts more harmful because their goals ultimately lead toward totalitarian rule.

What do I know?  I am letting you pay most of my medical bills.  Thanks.  Suckers.  In a perfect world it would all be far different.  As it is, problems are generated by the same people who claim to solve them.  They sap you to the point you have little choice sometimes.

Please, help me keep my mouth shut during my visit to see family on the 27th.  Amen.

God I hope I don't have to listen to talk of "common sense" gun laws.  I see that phrase over and over. WTF does it even mean?  We did better before gunfree zones, but the actual murder rate by guns is down by a huge percent in the last few decades.  All in how you package info.  Obama is wrong in many respects.  It does happen in other countries, and we are number four or six--depending upon the parameters for per capita deaths from mass shootings.  And treating San Bernadino as a case of anything other than a terror attack is BS.  Comparing it to lunatics going nuts is also BS.  Blaming the NRA is so far off the mark, it is criminal.

How can smart people be so completely wrong?

I think it has to do with peer pressure, greedy desire to have an excuse to vent hatred, jealousy and who knows what.  Freedom actually takes a kind of discipline most people refuse to cultivate.  Letting others live how they choose and not how you would choose for them is tough.

My own damn relatives!!  Freaky.  Maybe they are right. They certainly have been more successful.  But no, they are wrong on this.  Or just not that fond of individual freedom and natural rights.
Oh well.  Nice people can be Bolsheviks I guess.  And you wonder how the whole nazi thing ever got a foothold.  People go along.  Sad.

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  1. (Verbi here)

    "As it is, problems are generated by the same people who claim to solve them." Yup, Alinskyism in a nutshell.

    "Nice people can be Bolsheviks I guess. And you wonder how the whole nazi thing ever got a foothold. People go along." You are one of the very few that gets it. Most people think the Nazis were some sort of not-like-the-rest-of-us freaks/monsters.

    Yet, when the American military psychologists tested the SS guys after the war (thinking they'd come out as insane), the SS guys came out perfectly sane and balanced.

    The modern (Positivist, reductionist) paradigm does not allow for the existence of evil in man's heart. The ostensible solution is: tinker with society more and more, and you will be able to produce The Perfect Man.

    A fanatical faith that obdurately persists even in the face of patent evidence to the contrary. Because, after all, we can not, nay MUST not, admit that maybe the Other "Narrative" is the correct one...


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