Saturday, December 5, 2015

OK. No More News for Awhile

Really.  I did not think we could do worse for attorney general than Eric Holder.  I was wrong.  Loretta Lynch is either nuts or purely evil.  Holy smoke.  Her reaction to San Bernardino?   Better watch your anti-muslim rhetoric.  If she deems it hateful you can be investigated and charged with some kind of hate crime.

In light of this, I must clarify what I meant when I said I didn't like Islam and that I found imams who crossed my path to be jerks.  What that actually meant was that I find islam to be the most lovely, peaceful, fun loving religion ever, and I find the stonings and other acts of religious correction to be beautiful expressions of love.   And I meant that the holy men of that faith are wonderfully fair, respectful of all people, and above all, peaceful.

I think this is the biggest worry we have---people not loving islam and people not wanting muslims in their neighborhoods.  That is what we need to watch out for.  What they mean by "see something, say something" is that if you see or hear anything that may possibly indicate that someone doesn't like islam and may not be welcoming to muslims, you should report them.

But let's be clear.  I love all of them, especially women who cover up except for little eye slits.  Showing more skin than that is scandalous and how can a man be blamed if he attacks?  Geez.  Get with it.  We are lucky our astute attorney general understands this stuff and also understands the constitutional limits intended on the authority of our government.  Yay for us.

Holy sh**.  Really.  Did the USSR look like an attractive model?  Cuba?  I guess I am just too stupid to get it.  I was thinking maybe little terrorist groups operating under the idea that they serve some god by killing innocent people was a worry.  I see now that the real worry is that someone might have an unfavorable or biased view of the beautiful world of the islamic faith and culture.  My bad.


  1. Brilliant. I also love the part where the neighbor did NOT call in suspicious behavior because he didn't want to be branded a 'racist' [whatever THAT means these days]. And I KNOW you share my delight that 72 members of Homeland Security are on the effing no fly list.

  2. (Verbi here)

    Oh, you mean you hadn't noticed that down is the new up, and left is the new right, and out is the new in? Comrade, get with the program!

    {rolling eyes}


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