Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Music Of The Saps

So, as I contemplate income without work next year, on top of my highly lucrative part time job-being facetious--I find I am the sought after harmonica player in certain circles.  Official harp player of the Desert Edge band, who hire me to play Country at the Grand recently, then later asked if they could list me as their harmonica player.  Also Valor and Lace, who I honestly think may go places, and Enter the Blue Sky which I wish I knew how to market.

I think ETBS needs something and I can't put my finger on it. Sande's material is not getting its just due and something on the overall sound and arrangement needs tweaking.  I like playing her stuff even so.  Partly, I know what I would do, instrumentally if it were up to me.  I keep it quiet because it would disrupt the personnel and cause issue.

And I get to play with some real heavy hitter old timers.  You don't know them.  Back in the day one opened for the Stones, Moody Blues and was on the fast track.  Long story and just how life is.  Anyway, to be their go to guy is a miracle.

And I do this while soon to be highly subsidized by the welfare socialized aspect of the state.   I know.  Everyone says, "you paid in to social security. It is your money".  And I did, but not like people who have always been on the books.  I have been on and off the books.  Off, sometimes for several years at a go.

Lots of people like it.  I never did.  I did not even want a social security number or card.  It is another buy or else situation.  They take your money and give you no choice.  That sucks.  But I guess, why fight it?  I may do OK.  Thank you America, you beautiful dying sucker state.

I'll fiddle while the country burns, I guess.  Well more like blow and suck a harmonica.

If I had made like 10k or so more, insurance last year would have been prohibitive.  Best to be fairly poor but not completely, or be making serious jack. In between and you are doomed.  Unless you get a government paycheck. Work for the state and you are in good shape.  You should thank the suckers in this country too.  Someone has to pay, you know.

Of the groups that claim me as a member, I'd say that the least experienced but youngest of the bunch has the best prospects of being able to make a living at it.  In country music.  Texas country.  That is my feeling.  I think Sande is worth a bundle if I ever figure out the angle there, though.  Totally different, but I love some of the songs.  Very lyric intensive.  Just cool stuff.  As packaged now though it seems held back.  Well when you are paying me more, next year, just for being here, I will work it out.

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