Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thank You, America

OK, it looks like, if I can swing some relatively minimal money--not much more than I spent per month on cigarettes, at some point---I can enjoy all the medical hooplah I want with no money out of pocket except a few bucks for prescriptions.

How crazy is that?  It's the whole medicare and part F and this part and the other.  It is nuts.  This is not considered entitlement in some circles.  I know I never made enough to pay for it.  If I progress to the next level I could cost you people some bucks.  And I will still be rosy cheeked and able bodied.

I suppose what I was on before officially becoming OLD old was more of the welfare state deal.  The trick was to be sure I showed a certain income, because if you are really destitute they won't let you kick in a little to ensure some choice.  I'm telling you, the stuff for the real poor is just to buy votes.  They really want you to die and they set up the bureaucracy so maybe you will.

Had I had no choices but the free HMO for po folk, my cells and platelets would have been off the charts and I think you can usually get dead before too long from the complications.  So by fudging numbers and paying very little, I got to be my own manager of what kind of doctor I would see and when.  I knew very early pretty much what the dx would be.  Research and forums online helped me see that even though it is a rare disease and all that.

People have no clue that much of the reason we need all this complicated garbage is because the same outfit providing such wonderful assistance is the same outfit that bled people dry and facilitated crony business/government partnerships and other things that screw with life.

I'll never convince people.  I know that.  They are too damned short sighted whether looking at past or future to get it.  And they cherry pick things for their arguments and twist them. So screw it.  I am happy.  They are totally paying me for what I did not earn.  I'm the grasshopper in the grasshopper and the ants story. (Typecast in that play in kindergarten--but I was a worker then till they killed my drive)

I screwed off while you worked to pay my bills once I reached a certain age.  And next year I am going to let you pay me just for the heck of it.   I will most likely live long enough to collect far more than I ever paid to sociable security.  You told me I was wrong to dislike government, biased school officials and other collectivists concerned with society's alleged precedence over individual rights.

Hahaha.  And now I agree.  You are right!  as I pick your pocket.  I am so loving this.  Who cares if you agree?  I have no kids in the vile public school debacle and theater of the absurd.  So no worry there.  I have little property of any sort so who cares if the state screws with your property.

And I ain't paying much of anything, really, as far as taxes.  I am just collecting.  I have no choice on insurance.  I can't afford a real private plan and I certainly want to be law abiding.  So, you suckers get to cover it!!  Yay.   I'm too old to draft and have no daughters so draft away.  Make girls sign up too.  You've come a long way, Baby.

Geez.  Made the mistake of trying to define rights in a facebook discussion.  The dolt--one of those who is sure he's a genius but too dumb to see he is not good a logic.  Anyway he finally said that things like education were societal rights.  ???  All I was saying is that natural human rights do not and cannot involve the labor, property, or effort of others on your behalf.  Those can be privileges of citizenship or whatever.

Otherwise you are forcing others to perform services for you or give you things.  That is not a right.  He also claimed that the founders insisted education be mandatory.

Sometimes we just have to give up.  That's OK.  He's paying my bills.  Or is to some extent, and next year I will be even deeper in the pockets of others. It is so bizarre, really.  So incredibly bizarre.

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