Monday, May 30, 2016

DEAR Olympic Committe and WHO, got 3 words for you. And then a bunch more...

OK.  First, three words; D D T

I am not prepared to debate the ills of using a little of the stuff once in awhile.  Seriously, saving some human lives and pain is not a bad thing.  Sometimes you have to weight things out.  And here is where we run into trouble.

There seem to be varying and competing ideas of what things weigh.  Some see the value of a one celled organism as more valuable than human life.  Certainly many value mink, polar bears, or minnows more than humans.  Not that there really ought to be so many of these issues.  Lunatics always seem to spearhead these little warring factions.

I thought I would look at Drudge incase I could figure out what some facebook picture was about.  I avoid a lot of news so I am often behind on the trivia.  This thing touted a rally in which a hundred thousand bikers showed up and heard Trump and no one made trouble, fought, beat up cops or horses.

Was it a real thing?  Or imagined?  Or maybe only half true?  We just don't know.

But what struck me was a headline claiming the now famous dead gorilla was really just protecting the boy at the zoo.  So I hit the link to the story which contain the alleged video proof.  What nonsense!

I watched the video and the gorilla dragged the kid suddenly and unbelievably rapidly through the shallow water.  Nothing even slightly gentle about that.  It was freaky.  I do feel, from the background hysteria and nonsense that maybe they should have capped Mom first.  But this outrage is insane, giving existing circumstances.

 Of course you can't have a zoo without really working to maintain any idiot-proof features you can dream up.  No way you can depend upon people to manage themselves or their children.  Most people are OK, but plenty are worthless and screw things up one way or another wherever they go.

Why the blatant lie and misrepresentation by Drudge and the Daily Mirror, I have no idea.  But that is really bad.  How can you watch the video and believe it shows the kid was safe?  They have such a low opinion of people that they think they can let you see proof that they are lying but that you will think the opposite because that is what told you to think.

And really, Olympic people, forget all this nonsense trying to be politically obnoxious. Just do summer games in Sydney and maybe alternate with whatever Canada wants to do.  And Winter Olympics should always be in Norway and, I would say France, but they have too many lunatic muslims running amok.  Maybe Canada somewhere for that too.  Or some small but not insane country I cannot right now draw to mind.  But no USA, no China or other totalitarian regime, and no place like Brazil that is overrun with riffraff and mosquitoes.

It is stupid to give it to places that cannot pull it off.  But I hate olympics in the US any more. Just asking for trouble in present environment.   Most of Europe is the same way as far as being too vulnerable through fruits of their own pretense and stupidity to reasonably and prudently host the Games.

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  1. Humans are probably the only entities that willingly killing themselves off for the preservation of another species. No fishies saying save the humans. No mosquitoes, ticks, raccoons, coyotes, flies, rats, dogs or kitties needing to sacrifice their health and well-being for us either.


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